The Big Bad. A massive, interdimensional threat, carving a bloody path through the multiverse for reasons as of yet unknown. From the crew's initial encounters with the Ohm, they appear to be an insectoid race with some form of hive mind. There are numerous different varieties of Ohm, each deployed en masse against their enemies with surprisingly complex coordination. They are capable of destroying whole realities through a method that is as of yet not fully understood. Their motivations are also as of yet unclear, with many wondering if they are merely mindless beasts, or something more.

Known Encounters with the OhmEdit

  • Undocumented Encounters: Both Grandmaster Cargn Thane and Aang have mentioned on occasion that they have each battled with the Ohm in several instances with previous iterations of the crew.
  • Zokez II: The crew's initial encounter with the Ohm. Though the crew managed to hold them off long enough to evacuate the planet's population, the Ohm returned not long after they left to destroy the planet.
  • Arkez Prime: A small encounter with an Ohm splinter force. Ended in success with the help from the Lensmen.

Known Types of OhmEdit

The following information was written up by Grandmaster Cargn Thane, and is ICly available via the Omnicomm network.

  • Grunt
    Threat: Singularly, moderate. High in large numbers.
    Priority: Low
    Size: ~10 feet tall
    Recommended Tactics: Utilize wide-area attacks. If that is unavailable, attempt to remove them as a threat by destroying limbs, rendering them unable to attack, as there are often too many to take the time to ensure a kill.
    Notes: Most common type. Often deployed first, and always deployed in large numbers. Utilize highly sophisticated swarming tactics, often striking with force at enemy weak points. They are solely melee combatants. Without wide area attacks, there are often too many to kill one at a time, though slowing down their advance is possible. Recommend focusing less on killing them and more on killing the larger/more specialized types.
  • Grenadier
    Threat: moderate
    Priority: Low
    Size: ~8 feet tall
    Recommended Tactics: Attack at range. The caustic spray they can release will likely kill most melee combatants. Aim for the head.
    Notes: Another low-level type. Fights primarily at mid-range by spitting a substance that is both acidic and flammable in most atmospheres. Can fire either a spray at short-range or a large globule at mid-range. Substance seems capable of reducing an unprotected infantryman to nothing in a matter of seconds. Recommend not getting hit.
  • Guard
    Threat: moderate/high
    Priority: Moderate
    Size: 10 feet
    Recommended Tactics: Utilize heavy armor-piercing weaponry. Engage at range.
    Notes: Utilized as living shields for more important combat types, especially Nodes. Typically operate in groups of 5-10. Armor is thicker than it initially appears. A larger group of them is capable of fending off superhuman combatants in melee combat. Recommend caution be used in dealing with them.
  • Tank
    Threat: High
    Priority: High
    Size: 30-35 feet tall, 60 feet long
    Recommended Tactics: Engage at range if possible. Utilize anti-vehicle equivalent tactics.
    Notes: 10 meter tall living battering-ram. A single one is capable of taking on multiple superhumans at once. Possible sub-leader type, as lesser types tend to follow close behind them when they strike at enemy lines.
  • Firebug
    Threat: High
    Priority: High
    Size: 40 feet tall
    Recommended Tactics: Engage at short range. Utilize anti-vehicle equivalent tactics.
    Notes: Living artillery. Can fire bio-plasma bolts several miles away. Impact has same effect as several ballistic missiles being fired at once. Has limited melee capabilities, so engaging at close range is a suitable tactic. Take these out quickly to deprive the Ohm of fire-support.
  • Bombardier
    Threat: moderate
    Priority: Low
    Size: ~8 feet tall
    Recommended Tactics: Standard anti-aircraft tactics
    Notes: Same as Grenadiers, only with wings. Used to bombard enemy positions. Slightly more dangerous than Grenadiers due to increased mobility, but still slow enough that aircraft can deal with them.
  • Shrike
    Threat: High
    Priority: Moderate
    Size: 20 feet long, 30 foot wingspan
    Recommended Tactics: High speed anti-aircraft tactics. Engage at range if possible.
    Notes: Ohm air-superiority unit. Tend to fight in “packs”. Appear to fly using psychic ability, allowing them to fly in- or out-of-atmosphere environments. Also utilize psychic abilities as weapon, creating a mid-range lance of psychic energy to tear through enemy ships at range, or a psychic “lash” that can slice apart enemies at dog fighting-range.
  • Assassin
    Threat: High
    Priority: High
    Size: 6 feet tall
    Recommended Tactics: Stay in groups, do not leave lighted areas. Use high-powered scanners to attempt to locate before attacking.
    Notes: Ohm stealth unit. Operate independently, striking at high-priority targets. Appear to be able to bend light around them, rendering themselves invisible. Also seem to be capable of evading most other forms of detection. The only humanoid Ohm type known, it is believed this shape is used to fool its intended target into thinking it is an ally in the few moments before it strikes. Be sure to identify all unknown individuals before approaching during an Ohm invasion, lest it be an Assassin.
  • Devourer Worm
    Threat: High
    Priority: High
    Size: 120 feet long
    Recommended Tactics: Evacuate area if seismic activity is detected. Utilize anti-vehicle equivalent tactics when worm reveals itself.
    Notes: Ohm siege engine. Often utilized to destroy enemy fortified positions, as well as devouring bunched groups of infantry. It appears capable of tearing apart and digesting most materials. Attacks by burrowing underground and striking its target from beneath. A rare form of the Devourer Worm, known as the Brood Worm, carries a small swarm of Grunts in pustule-like sacs along its sides to deliver behind enemy lines. Utilize similar tactics against it.
  • Mites
    Threat: None
    Priority: Low
    Size: 6 in. long
    Recommended Tactics: None, see below.
    Note: Fist-sized flying insects that appear in large swarms. Apparently harmless, with no weaponry or attack capability. Believed to relay battlefield data to more higher-level Ohm types. While killing them may reduce the enemy’s ability to coordinate, lack of concrete data on this sub-type warrants ignoring them in favor of more powerful enemies until more data can be found.
  • Corpsewalker
    Threat: Low
    Priority: Low
    Size: 15 feet tall
    Recommended Tactics: Don’t get caught underneath it.
    Notes: Rarely encountered. Appears to go around collecting and devouring dead bodies from both sides. Believed to do so in order to feed the other Ohm. Can defend itself by either spraying digestive juices on enemies or by devouring them if they are close enough. Very messy.
  • Node
    Threat: Unknown, assume Extreme
    Priority: Very High
    Size: 12 feet tall
    Recommended Tactics: Unknown. No one has gotten close enough to test any tactics against it.
    Notes: If the priority rating hasn’t sunk in, allow me to reiterate: If you feel you have a chance to take these out, take it. Utilize extreme caution when approaching, as they are often surrounded by walls of lesser creatures. They seem to utilize powerful psychic abilities, and are the ones that the Ohm use to destroy worlds by creating dimensional rifts that eventually expand and devour the world. When utilized on certain “lynchpin” worlds, this causes the reality to collapse. Thus, kill them if you think you have a shot.
  • Leviathan
    Threat: Extreme
    Priority: Varies based on size, usually High to Very High
    Size: Varies from frigate size to the same size as Stacy
    Recommended tactics: Long range ship-to-ship combat tactics. Suggest utilizing reaction and/or vortex weaponry.
    Notes: Interstellar and interdimensional transport for the Ohm. Vary in size from frigate-class to about the same size as Stacy. They appear to have powerful psychic capabilities, which seem to act as a source of propulsion, sensors, weaponry, shielding, and their ability to travel between dimensions. They are also capable of opening up warp-rifts on nearby planets in order to deploy the Ohm troops they are carrying. They are very swift, and tend to fight from short range where they can devour smaller ships, but are also capable of producing powerful psychic blasts (similar to the Shrike’s ability, but larger in scale) to destroy enemies at range. If they have yet to deploy their troops (which is unlikely, as they tend to do so very quickly), destroy them before they get a chance to.