The Ginger Avenger


Name: Steve Burnside
Age and DOB: 17 (at death), 5/14/1981 (current age: 18)
Gender and Species: Male Human (?)
Origin/Nationality: Hastings, Minnesota, U.S.A., Earth (American)
Hastings Memorial High School, senior (former)
Umbrella Corporation Rockfort Island Penitentiary, prisoner 0267 (former)

Likes: Vehicles, most food, rock music, girls, guns
Dislikes: Liars, Umbrella Corporation, mutant viruses

Role Aboard Stacy: n/a

Canon Source: Resident Evil: Code Veronica/Resident Evil: Darkside Chronicles
Played by: GG


A bit on the gangly side, Steve is about 5'8" and coming back from being half-starved and pretty skinny. It's likely he has at least a small growth spurt left in him that'll even him out appearance-wise. He has blue eyes and bright, bright red hair that's always a little too long and a little too in-his-face most of the time.

He normally dresses like an ordinary teenage boy from 1998-- likes blue jeans and T-shirts and layered overshirts in different (plain) colors. He has his left ear pierced with a simple hoop earring. You may notice a barcode tattooed on the inside of his left forearm, near his elbow.

Sometimes he's green. Steve doesn't like to talk about that.

(Note: This is the Darkside Chronicles version of Steve, including his slightly less grating personality-- though he remembers the more "extended" version of the events of Code Veronica rather than following the DSC plotline exactly.)


Had he been born a half-decade or so later, Steve would be considered a teenage emo kid. Sure, he doesn't dress in black or gel his hair in his face or cut himself when he's upset, but he is indeed highly cynical bordering on downright misanthropic-- you can catch glimpses of this in his typical pitch black sense of humor. He thinks little of humankind as a whole and thinks the worst of others, especially those who announce themselves with good intentions. A classic hothead, Steve is reckless and overconfident and rushes headfirst into most situations-- it's very easy to provoke him and it doesn't take much to make him lose his temper. On top of all this moody hormone business, he acts quite cocky and is extremely stubborn, making him a frustrating person to associate with if you don't have the patience for typical teenage behavior.


Don't make fun of his fashion sense, he's in prison at the moment.

Getting to know him a little better reveals a thin veil of sarcasm and posturing that cover up one messed-up kid. Steve has suffered greatly in the last few months of his life as his whole world came crashing down around him and he lost literally everything. He's lonely, melancholy, a little socially awkward and very slow to trust other people, but once he does he latches on to them desperately. Left mostly to his own devices to cope, it's actually something of a miracle Steve isn't even worse off on the emotional front.

To top it all off, at the end of his personal nightmare, Steve was subject to an experiment that left him infected with T-Veronica, a wildly unstable mutagenic virus that actually contributed to his death before his arrival on Stacy. Before medical advancements on the ship allowed the virus to be neutralized, Steve was at severe risk of transforming into a monstrous berserker known as a "Tyrant." Since a certain "episode," however, his weekly treatments prevent this aspect of the virus from threatening him anymore. The virus' presence in his cells also makes his blood ignite into flame when exposed to oxygen. This, combined with a bunch of improvised talent with guns and athletics, makes Steve a relatively dangerous opponent... if only for the unpredictability factor and the goddamn fireblood.


Awww, look, he really is a sweet kid!

Still, despite his myriad of attitude problems and no matter how he may pretend to be a bad boy, Steve is completely transparent as a good guy. He has a powerful sense of right and wrong and a strong moral code, and he absolutely refuses to betray his own principles. He is annoyingly persistent and likes to help others whenever he can-- he especially likes to watch out for those close to him, whether or not they actually need his protection. Steve is a loyal and dedicated friend to those with the patience to endear themselves to him, and when he feels secure enough to do so, he can seem just like any other ordinary teenager-- probably more like the kid he was before his life went south.

Steve is a bit of a gearhead and loves cars, planes and motorcycles, both driving and tinkering around with them. Yes, believe it or not, Steve actually has his junior pilot's license and can fly most small modern-Earth aircraft by himself.

Understandably, Steve considers Claire Redfield his closest and most trusted friend. He recently got over an earth-shakingly large crush on her not too long ago. He still acts like a twit around her, but that's because he's kind of an awkward goof in general. He's currently smitten with and dating Miku Hinasaki. It is exactly as awkward as it sounds. Awww.


Steve Burnside started out as a perfectly ordinary kid growing up in a small town in Minnesota. He went to high school, played baseball and hung out in an old airfield a bike's ride away from his house. He was an only child, his mother a homemaker and his father a low-level researcher for the Umbrella Corporation. Everything was normal until the day Steve arrived home from school and found a group of armed soldiers in his living room.

These fine gentlemen were members of the Umbrella Human Resource Department's Special Service, and they arrived to punish Mr. Burnside. His crimes? Leaking Umbrella research data on the black market to make some quick cash. Umbrella takes employee loyalty very, very seriously. Mrs. Burnside and Steve had no idea of what had happened, but were ordered to be "dealt with" as witnesses. The soldiers shot Steve's mother to death in front of him, then took him and his father under arrest and transported them to Rockfort Island Penitentiary, Umbrella's own private island resort/highly illegal death camp gulag in the South Seas.

Run by the definitively crazy Alfred Ashford, Rockfort Island served as a prison for political enemies of the Umbrella Corporation as well as insolent employees like Mr. Burnside. It also served as a steady supply of human guinea pigs for the nearby Umbrella laboratories, and a straight-up torture deathcamp for the psychotic prison doctor. Steve and his father were imprisoned for several months in horrifying conditions with no hope of escape-- all the while, Steve sank deeper and deeper into despair, blaming his father for ruining his life.

One day in late December, 1998, Rockfort Island was attacked by an unknown military group (hint: it was Wesker) and the laboratories were destroyed in the bombing run, leaking out T-virus all over the island. Soon it was crawling with zombies, guards and prisoners alike. Steve was able to escape from his cell during the commotion but was unable to find his father,


so he holed up in an abandond watchtower with a gatling gun until he spotted another uninfected prisoner-- Claire Redfield. The two teenagers decided to stick together to find a way off the island. It was rough going with the impulsive Steve along for the ride, but the duo managed to find the location of an underground airport on the island.

On the way to the airport, passing through an abandoned jeep depot, Claire was attacked by a zombified Mr. Burnside. Steve panicked and after a near-disastrous moment of hesitation, emptied his guns into the creature that had been his father. After a tearful confession to Claire, Steve broke down sobbing over his father's corpse. Once he'd gathered his wits, he reunited with Claire and they took off in a seaplane.

It was at this point it became obvious that Steve had fallen for Claire-- or had at least mistaken his feelings for her in the day's hurricane of emotions.

Alfred hijacked the plane's controls and steered it to another Umbrella base in Antarctica, where he tried to get the drop on the teenagers. Steve managed to strike first, shooting Alfred and knocking him down a cliff. Steve and Claire located a snow CAT with which they planned to escape again. They were unfortunately intercepted by Alexia Ashford, Alfred's twin sister newly-awakened from cryostasis-- and she was not happy to hear about her brother's death.

Imprisoning Claire behind a staircase, Alexia took Steve to her lab and injected him with a sample of her own personal virus, T-Veronica. Steve lost consciousness and awoke a short time later, chained up in the facility's basement. When Claire arrived to free him, he complained of feeling sick-- and without warning, he mutated, screaming in pain, into a hideous Tyrant. The virus robbed him of his senses and he immediately attacked Claire, but through sheer willpower was able to resist to keep from hurting her, instead using his newfound strength to attack Alexia. Alexia struck back, impaling Steve and causing him to mutate back to his human form. He weakly confessed his feelings for Claire as he died in her arms.

Claire was forced to leave Steve's body behind while she and her brother Chris destroyed Alexia and set the base on a countdown to self-destruct-- but in the interim, Steve's body was stolen by Albert Wesker, who had come seeking a sample of T-Veronica and found more than enough still swimming in Steve's blood. During a confrontation, he taunted Claire that he might bring Steve back to life through studying his body, but nobody knew how seriously to take it.

Not until Steve woke up on the meatship, anyway.


A relative of the infamous T-virus (the thing that makes zombies happen in Resident Evil), T-Veronica was invented by crazed Umbrella prodigy Alexia Ashford. It is a mutagenic virus designed for the production of bio-organic weapons from human test subjects. There are actually two strains of the virus, one which occurs immediately and one which occurs if the virus is slowed down enough to incubate in the victim for 15 years.
If you are infected with T-Veronica and do not IMMEDIATELY incubate the virus (via cryogenics or other ways to slow down your body), you have about an hour until it mutates you into something horrible and possibly kills you.

Steve suffers from the incubated version of T-Veronica, which came about when he mutated and then died after his initial infection. While his body was in storage (either in the pods or in Umbrella's basement), the virus adapted to his body and stabilized so it wouldn't mutate him immediately. People with the incubated strain of T-Veronica can exist somewhat normally, however, they suffer from a few symptoms:

  • Abnormally high body temperature. Steve feels a little unusually warm to the touch.
  • Blood lights on fire when exposed to oxygen. Some of the crew has seen this firsthand when Steve gets injured.
  • Stress can activate the virus and stir it into MUTATION MODE. Fortunately, Steve's treatments keep the virus stable and inactive, so this isn't much of a worry anymore.

T-Veronica can be treated, but is not yet curable in Steve's stage. The Science and Medical departments have developed a suppressant that, when injected, nerfs Veronica's ability to mutate and spread to others. This will prevent crew members from becoming infected with the virus in the first place, and is currently used to treat Steve's condition during his weekly medical checkups.


  • Steve learned to fly planes at an airfield nearby his house, where his uncle worked as a mechanic. He often visits the airfield in the sensorium.
  • He is a natural red (though both of his parents were blond.) He sunburns extremely quickly. His only regret is that he'll never be able to grow a beard because redheads look ridiculous in them, if you ask him.
  • Contrary to popular belief, Steve does NOT listen to emo music-- because he died in 1998, before it even existed. He actually prefers old bands like Doobie Brothers and Jethro Tull.
  • ... though he admittedly does like Linkin Park.
  • His favorite food is anything involving cheese, potatoes, or some combination thereof.
  • Steve played baseball on his high school team, though quit in his junior year because he was having trouble keeping up in school.
  • In his original appearance in Code Veronica, Steve had his hair parted in the middle. This was changed into a bowl cut for the updated rerelease Code Veronica X -- allegedly, because he looked too much like Leonardo diCaprio.
  • Steve's voice actor in Code Veronica is widely regarded as the absolute worst voice actor in the entire Resident Evil series. This is not an honor to be bestowed lightly.
  • Steve's voice actor in Darkside Chronicles, Sam Riegel, is also the voice of Donatello from the new Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. He is about 4000x better than the other guy.


  • His dual submachine guns, with ammo
  • His dual Luger pistols, with ammo
  • A photograph of his parents (currently hanging on the wall of his bedroom)
  • His collar from Rockfort Prison (left in the locker, disgustedly.)