Sasami Masaki Jurai
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Fandom Tenchi Muyo! OVA
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Tenchi Muyo! OVAEdit

Sasami Masaki Jurai is the second princess of the Juraian Royal Empire. Second child to King Azusa and Queen Misaki, she is the younger sister to Ayeka and half-sister to Prince Yosho. For the first few years of her life, things were simple. That was until the space pirate Ryoko Hakubi, under control of the criminal Kagato, attacked Jurai. In the attack, Sasami wandered off and headed for the Royal Tree Room. However, when one of the Juraian battleships slammed into the building housing it, the impact caused Sasami to lose her balance and fall to her death. Or so it would seem.

Feeling her essence fading, the goddess Tsunami acted, rescuing the child (as she had landed near her tree) and assimilated with her. However, this caused Sasami to believe she wasn't the real one and tried to tell Ayeka that, but failed. When Ayeka decided to search for Yosho, whom she was engaged to marry, Sasami followed at Tsunami's urgings, being put in suspended animation for 700 years while traveling in Ayeka's ship, Ryu-oh. When Sasami awoke, she encountered a young man named Tenchi Masaki and agreed to free him if he did something for her - get Ayeka's headpiece. As she predicted, the entire thing blew up spectacularly, though she didn't count on Ryoko (having been captured by Ayeka earlier, thus the reason why Tenchi was on-board) crashing their respective ships on Earth. Staying at the Masaki home, Sasami made herself at home as much as possible, even befriending the reborned Ryo-Ohki (who had been resurrected into cabbit form after its ship form crashlanded). After an incident at a hot springs that brought Galaxy Police officer Mihoshi to Earth, Sasami ended up having a dream about Kagato. That dream proved all too real when the criminal returned, capturing Ryoko and forcing Ayeka, Tenchi and Mihoshi to go after them. When Tenchi was nearly killed in the initial scuffle, Sasami was able to bring Tsunami to Earth to rescue him and unlock his powers. With Kagato defeated, the group returned home with another lady - Washu, Ryoko's mother.

After Kagato's defeat, Sasami ended up suffering another dream, envisioning another goddess, Tokimi, kidnapping Tenchi, but she couldn't remember most of it. Sometime later, she found herself dealing with her connection with Tsunami again and when it became known, Sasami revealed that she hadn't told anyone because they feared that, as she thought she was a fake, they would hate her. This proved to be untrue, even more so when Tsunami reassured them that Sasami is the real deal, though Ryoko and Ayeka certainly didn't like the fact that Sasami would grow up looking like Tsunami. Soon after an incident with a scientist named Dr. Clay, Sasami found herself reunited with her family, though she had no intentions on returning home. Thanks to an intervention during a duel (at the very beginning, no less), both Sasami and Ayeka got to stay.

Sometime later, Sasami and Ayeka's grandmother, Lady Seto, had arrived (with Tenchi's never before seen sister and grandmother, Tennyo and Airi, in tow) to introduce Noike, Tenchi's fiancee. Though Sasami was surprised over her adopted aunt being chosen to marry Tenchi, she seemed to take it in stride. When Sasami fell ill, Noike did prove her mettle in keeping up with the chores the young girl did. When a group of Galaxy Police officers, lead by Mihoshi's brother, arrived on Earth, Sasami was one of those intended to be captured. However, she was not only able to defeat her captive, but convince her to finally admit her feelings to her leader. Things got heated when the being known as Z arrived, intending on killing Tenchi. The other girls followed suit, but when Tokimi intervened, Tsunami was forced to step in to stop her. When Tenchi's power threatened to overload, they were joined by the last of the three goddesses, Washu herself, only for another being, the Counter Actor, to arrive attacking Tokimi and Tsunami. Only by Tenchi's intervention (as he was now revealed as the human avatar of their universe's God) were the three spared. Having finally found the one they were looking for, Tsunami, Washu and Tokimi decided to alter time, allowing Tenchi's growth to occur without the interference of Z.

Sasami was last seen attending the wedding of Tenchi's father and his girlfriend.

Things would change, though, when the Daligig came to rescue Sasami. They had also grabbed a being known as KAIN and decided that, despite the fact that Sasami and Tsunami were one and the same, KAIN was much better. They repressed Tsunami's power and altered Sasami's memories to prevent her from remembering her.

Tenchi Universe (The altered memories)Edit

Not much is known about Sasami's past prior to her first appearance. What is known is that she is the second child of the Juraian Royal Empire and younger sister to Ayeka Masaki Jurai. Sasami's adventure began soon after Ayeka was stranded on Earth thanks to the space pirate Ryoko. There, she quickly befriended everyone, including Ryoko's reborn spaceship/cabbit Ryo-Ohki. However, this seemed to end when Ayeka decided it was time to leave, taking Galaxy Police officer Mihoshi Kuramitsu with them. They didn't get far thanks to Sasami accidentally realizing she left a carrot in her kimono, causing Ryo-Ohki to crash into her ship wanting to get the carrot. While on Earth, Sasami would accompany the others in their wild adventures, meeting the mad scientist Washu, Mihoshi's partner Kiyone Makibi, dealing with a rampant robotic Washu as well as the bounty hunter Nagi. When the girls began messing with one of Washu's devices, Sasami accidentally created an alternate universe where she was a magical girl known as "Pretty Sammy".

However, the fun times came to an end when Juraian soldiers arrived at Tenchi's house and captured the princesses and Ryoko. Tenchi, Washu, and Tenchi's father and grandfather came to their aid and were forced on the run, dragging Mihoshi and Kiyone for the ride. During their run, Sasami ended up befriending a ghost girl and the two ended up pranking the others before they parted ways. When Ayeka was kidnapped by the mastermind of the incident, Kagato, Sasami was forced to stay behind with the others when Tenchi ran off to rescue her. After Kagato's death, Sasami returned to Jurai and stayed there for a few months before returning to Earth, realizing that Ayeka had ran off to return to Tenchi.

Soon after, a massive time distortment forced the group to travel back to 1976 when the creature known as KAIN went back to slay the weakest link of the Juraian Royal Family - Achika, Tenchi's mother. Sasami accompanied Tenchi, using a device Washu devised to make sure Tenchi stayed in the timeline. Before returning to her time, Sasami aided in Washu's initial plan to capture KAIN through a special prison.

Transmigration 9Edit

Upon her release, Sasami found herself alone and confused, Ryo-Ohki her only companion. There, she encountered Matt Olsen, who quickly bonded with her, and Paula Polestar, who became her first friend. Soon after, Sasami found her home - the Juraian Royal Palace - and would meet Negi Springfield and have her first encounter with Demon Alessa. Soon after an attempt to use the Sensoriums to cook something that wasn't slop, something went wrong and the gravity kicked out, forcing Sasami to get help from Hikari Yagami and Speedball. Soon after, Sasami began doubting her place, especially after an incident made her self-conscious of who she was, and ended up breaking down wishing to go home. During this time, Negi's companion, Chamo, ended up starting her off on the path to using magic.

After exploring the newly-opened Hydroponics, Sasami ended up catching Negi in the Sensoriums, pushing himself hard and feeling bad about his inability to help his friends. Watching Negi push himself to this sort of thing worried her and she was forced to slap him out of it. Not only did it work, it ended up bringing them closer than before. During a following podpop, Sasami met and befriended Hay Lin, accidentally mistaking her for Ayeka. After a conversation with Cagalli Yula Atha over their roles as princesses, the crew was surprised with something wonderful - vacation! After asking Lex Luthor to help furnish her home, Sasami ended up spending time on the beach before helping pull an adult-formed Negi out of an unwanted situation, devolving into the two going out on a date. Their happiness was ruined when the Ohm attacked. With Negi out due to a hangover from a drink they had, he ends up initiating a Pactio with her, giving her the strength to fight. She would end up aiding Billy and Damion in an attempt to rescue a bunch of alien animals before returning to pull Negi out of a berserker rage.

When Negi wanted to control her magical powers, Sasami mistook it for an attack and went after one of Negi's friends, Evangaline, before she realized her mistake. Even more so, Sasami decided to join in the elections for Council and started to find herself in a mess of trouble with some convincing her to try to step down or handle something else. In the end, Sasami ended up losing the race, taking it hard before swallowing her pride and confronting Nathan Petralli and asking him if she could still take up an offer she was given earlier. Soon after, Sasami befriended a fellow alien princess - Starfire - and invited her into her home, which she accepted. She would also end up helping out Rock Light with something fun he was doing. Following the incident with Shiva, Sasami sat up a hugging booth in an attempt to give others shaken by the events something to reassure them. When the Rage Virus struck, Sasami attempted to help Alessa, who was infected by it. When Alessa attempted to attack Negi, Sasami shielded him from the attacks before she was able to hug her, giving Negi the chance to stop her. Afterwards, Negi and Sasami spent some time alone, contemplating the incident and becoming closer than before.

However, during this time, Sasami started to feel conflicted. She was missing out on a simple childhood, even with the war going on, yet she wanted to help others, and she ended up starting to feel depressed. Things finally came to a head after the Punishment of Big Zero, leading to Sasami somewhat realizing that there are some things she just can't do. In the process, Sasami ended up growing closer to Hay Lin, to the point where the Guardian ended up suggesting that they'd be sisters, something Sasami agreed to. When the Lensmen arrived, Sasami ended up befriending one of them, Ippili, playing with one of the creatures within the Hydroponics. When most of the crew was on a mission, Sasami ended up getting a bit of a surprise - a Christmas gift from Negi. A week later, Sasami encountered Aqua and ended up befriending the older woman, seeing her despondent look. She would also befriend a number of others, among them Hikari Hoshi, the two becoming surrogate sisters.

Sasami would end up discovering an abandoned restaurant and attempt to develop it, only to learn that a lot of it was unusable. Thankfully, she ended up gaining a lot of help in trying to set everything up. Soon after, the crew would end up participating in a mission to another world. To their surprise, they found out that the only way to enter the city there was that they had to be married. Sasami would end up finding herself being married to both Hit Girl and Negi.

Whatever little peace Sasami had was shattered when the beast KAIN freed himself and made a beeline for the young girl in an attempt to kill her and eradicate the power within her. Thanks to the combination of the crew's might and that power awakening, KAIN was defeated and Sasami saved, though not without a few casualties. Soon after her recovery and making sure Negi, who was caught in the crossfire, was okay, Sasami had found herself discovering her home from Earth and had contacted Reimi to explore it. Instead, both girls were caught by surprise when Sasami's true memories surfaced and Tsunami, finally awakening, reappeared. With her powers greatly diminished, Tsunami asked Reimi to help Sasami out. Reimi agreed, though told her she could do all the stuff she wanted her to.

Soon after, the two decided that it was time for a change and decided to move everyone from the palace to the home.