1. Don't be a dick. Edit

This is rule number 1 for a reason, and a nice catch-all for a lot of specific behaviors. This game is run like a campaign and the mods are kinda the GMs and this means if we see repeated patterns of bad behavior or extreme cases of mean-ness, just like in a tabletop game, the GMs will ask you to leave the group for the benefit of the other players. We will not list every single little bit of bad behavior you shouldn't engage in (Godmoding, hate speech, etc.) because someone can always come up with something we don't list.

This will certainly not be done on a whim, our judgments will be reasonable and involve the whole mod team, and both sides of the story, and it will be acknowledged that every player has their quirks and bad days, but if it gets to the point where people are suffering and not having fun, especially repeatedly, because of a specific player, fwaboosh, they're gone. We don't have a formal complaint or punishment process, since we believe that every situation should be dealt with individually. Sometimes ONE act of wank really is worth banning, if it's heinously nasty enough even if in most game's it'd be a strike; sometimes a string of offenses is the result of a bunch of misunderstandings that can eventually be ironed out and peace can be achieved.

So don't be a jerk, and be cool, so it never gets too extreme and stuff can be solved simply.

2. Please use common sense. Edit

You do not get a prize if you make the mods headdesk; you just will give us concussions. While our modly door is ALWAYS open (ALWAYS, dudes), try to talk it out with your fellow player first. Like adults. In many situations, just talking to each other tends to work out better than modly intervention. We'll intercede or mediate if necessary, but we're all grown ups here. Both parties should act like you're dealing with a coworker at work, where rudeness could get you canned, and you must talk and act like a professional. During playtime--relax. In conflicts--use professionalism and politeness to work it out. Pretend you have poofy shoulder pads if that helps.

3. Rating. Edit

Adhere to the game ratings and rules about them. We have a split rating that allows for less sexual content than textual violence.

Note that ratings also apply to the chat and crack and ooc as well. That means no linking to porn in the chats, please. If something isn't too porny but still possibly NSFW, warn.

4. Canon puncturing: IT COULD HAPPEN TO YOU. Edit

Don't abuse it though; if your character isn't likely to have been introduced to another character's canon, don't try to force it. See: here for more details. Hell, here are the meaty bits of it:

  1. Character identifies other character as being someone from a tv/movie/whatever. The rule of thumb here is a) is it reasonable that their world has that canon in it? (For instance, Buffy very obviously has a lot of canons in it), and b) Is it reasonable that the character would be familiar with that canon? Even at this first stage, you should be communicating with the other player, telling them "My character recognizes yours."
  2. Character wants to SAY something about recognizing the other character. THIS is where you absolutely, 100% have to ask permission of the other player. We allow recognition, since the characters find out about the "I'm fictional somewhere out there" thing, so they likely all assume it's possible, and also since that doesn't really affect characters unless the one character says or does something about it, but they're going to say or do something, you absolutely HAVE to ask.
    In most cases, it'd be easy to steer your character away from saying something--it is rude, after all--and if not, you can work out the characters just having a "Please don't talk about my life history like it's fiction" moment that abruptly ends it. Two options there.
  3. This is the next and last step. If the character uses canon puncturey knowledge to dick with the other character in not-so-nice ways, or upset them, they WILL lose that knowledge. It will get rotor-rootered out of their head. Now if you OOCly have gotten permission for them taking it a step too far, because that's just what the character would do, you're okay with the consequences, and the other player is okay with it, OOCly you're fine. Por ejemplo, you could even make a plot of someone not shutting up to a Star Wars pup and then OH NO, HE FORGOT STAR WARS. As long as both players are cool with it, it's cool if it goes this far. HOWEVER, if you have not communicated with the other player OOCly about this, and they complain, not only will the character get the knowledge rotor-rootered, but you will also get a mod reprimand.

tl;dr We allow canon puncture, but do it respectfully. Communicate.

5. Don't change the setting. Edit

Minor changes are cool, but please don't make drastic changes to the setting without first clearing it with the mods. Little tunnels and cubby holes can be added as players will it, due to the shifting nature of the ship's structure, stuff can be moved, blocked off, even destroyed, but huge things -- escape pods, tiki bars -- should be cleared with the mods first.

Please note the second part of this post about this in regards to the Media Library.

6. Character Limit. Edit

There is a semi-official limit of six characters per player. HOWEVER, you may app more characters than that. It's just that we take your current activity into account and accept on a case by case basis after your sixth character, and all character must meet activity limits (which aren't that stringent, honestly). If we don't think you can maintain any more than six, we will say no, most likely because of future plots and knowing how time-consuming certain events will be for each character. It's nothing personal, it's not favoritism--the best way to prove you can be active is by being active.

There is no limit to how many characters per fandom, as far as apps go. However, if you play two characters from the same fandom, they can't be characters that are too close. No Batman AND Robin, but you can play Batman and Mister Terrific. We don't want anyone monopolizing a corner of fandom. If you have a special case in mind, bring it to the mods.

7. Activity Limit/Status Communication. Edit

We have a bi-monthly activity check. On the 20th of every other month we will put up an activity check in the OOC Comm, with the --activity checks tag. It will be left open until the last day of the month. Players that podpopped that month do not have to comment to the activity check.

Instructions for the Activity check are on the posts, but in essence, one log or channelpost made since the last activity check, has to be linked to.

Players that miss the activity check will be emailed and given a week to respond to that email. If there are extenuating circumstances, of course we'll let the player be, and arrange for hiatus, but if not, or if we are not emailed back by the player within a week from the email, the character will be freed for apping.

If you think you're going to be gone from the game for a while, because of net access problems, vacations, or RL difficulties, please post a note in the OOC comm under the !hiatus/availability changes tag, or drop an email to the mods announcing your hiatus. We do have an IC mechanism for dealing with long hiatuses, but we need to know when to use it.

Players who have announced a hiatus are exempt from having to comment to the activity check.

Plot Activity Limit -- We expect activity to be a little different during major plots if you have a large role in them. Please read that link for more info.

8. Power Limit. Edit

We will not accept characters with tremendous power, such as the ability to manipulate reality without limit or much effort, or characters with omnipotence or omnipresence (Ex: God, Jesus, Allah). Divine powers also often will not work on the ship, or work as well, as the divine folks are far removed from the sources of their power, be it a god or their believers. Either don't app them, or be prepared for limitations to their powers. Telepaths are accepted, but their power will be limited, due to the setting. Teleporters will only have limited teleportation within the visible confines of the ship.

If you want to app a telepath, someone powered by the divine, or someone with otherwise unusual powers, please contact the mods via email or AIM first, before applying, so we can work out how they'll work.

Some very powerful characters will have limitations imposed on their powers. We will work with you to figure them out. This is to give the normals a chance to actually be useful.

9. Writing style. Edit

We're not particularly strict on this, so write in present, past, whatever you want so long as it's legible. However, do not use *asterisks to indicate actions* or other ways of action-spamming. Write your RPs like a story, since this is, in essence, an interactive, communal story.

10. Problems. Edit

If you have a problem, whether with the plot/structure of the game/a problem you absolutely can't work out with another player on your own, whatever—email the mods. Period. Or comment to the screened Suggestion/Crit Post. Even if it's with one of the mods. Email the the other one if you're having conflict with a mod. Fair is fair and if one of us has to bitchslap the other to help resolve something, we're all willing to do it.

We'd rather settle the problem so everyone can have fun than watch things bottle up, explode, and wind up on Bad Rpers Suck. So email us. If it needs to be discussed in real time, we'll set up and appointment with the players in question on Aim or whatnot. We're flexible and want to help you solve problems.

We won't punish someone for complaining elsewhere, like BRPS, as long as it stays civil/doesn't cause conflict in the game (but be forewarned, it is HARD to keep stuff from doing that with games) but oh boy, will we make sadfaces at you. Like so: ;_; You'll feel like you've kicked a thousand puppies.

Addendum: Our Stance on Anon Tomfoolery

11. Godmoding. Edit

Don't do it without permission. This should be self-evident. You can god someone if you've gotten permission, like for a quick action, but make sure you asked and make sure the other person is cool with what exactly you're doing/the end result.

12. Applying. Edit

Go here to find out how.

13. Dropping. Edit

Go here to find out how.

14. Chat. Edit

There is a daily/nightly RPG chat on AIM, for tagging, plotting, and goofing around, that you can self-invite to or ask a mod or fellow player to be invited to: boardthemeatship. The chat is often HOPPING, and great fun. We will be honest and say it makes plot coordination/tagging order/plotting easier, but it's not required. If you're only contactable by email, you can still get in on plots and have fun. Just make sure you watch the OOC well.

Chat runs most days now, honestly, but on rare occasions that the game is slow due to Mod-busy, official chat days, where we always try to make sure it's running and try to get it up as early as possible are WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS, and SATURDAYS. Friday night is often the night most likely to have one.

15. Chat Topics. Edit

Pretty much anything can be discussed in chat, but politics are not to be discussed in the chat. Ever. If you feel like discussing it with someone, take it private or make a private chat to discuss it. Failure to follow this rule or drop a subject when it's veering into political discussion after someone has pointed it out can constitute a strike.

It is also against the rules to mock a specific player in the game, or in other games, or in general, in the chat. This is part of that THOU SHALT NOT BE A DICK thing. Discussing game premises or RPing preferences or ideas or concepts is okay. Some people like tomayto, some like tomahto, and as long as you acknowledge that nothing's wrong with someone liking what you dislike, it's okay to dislike it and voice your dislike. We're not gonna clamp down on personal opinion as long as people are respectful about it. People might dislike what you like or like what you dislike, and everyone has to just deal with that. However, mocking specific players is no go, and falls under the same Warning/Strike/Ban spectrum as other bad behavior.

Addendum: Due to the need to discuss world news and events, a permanent, separate chat, meatshipworldevents, will be available. This chat follows all of the normal chat rules except the ban on political discussions. In the normal chat, you will be allowed to announce recent events that you would like to discuss in the news/events chat (ex. "Hey guys, X happened. We're talking about it in other chat."), but all actual discussion of those events must take place within the news/events chat. In addition, you are allowed to answer questions about what is being discussed in the news/events chat, so long as you don't actually go into details about the discussion itself. (ex. "Hey, what's going on in other chat?" "We're talking about X. Come on over if you want to talk about it.")


This right here is very nearly required reading, or you at least need to wholeheartedly embrace the ideals within, or you might not make it here, kids. Despite these strict-sounding rules, we are a very super-duper, low-key, laid-back, friendly game. We will friendly you to death. Leave your drama at the door, please. Take a deep breath. Reeeelaaaax.

We want this game to be something of a wank-free haven for goofy, laid back people that just want to pretend to be Power Rangers or Animorphs or other such people that wear their undies on the outside. So the last rule is: No matter how srs bizness the plots get, always remember why you're here.

To have fun together.