Ronon Dex in early season 4 (2007)
Ronon Dex
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With a perpetual scowl on his mustachioed and bearded face and standing at 6' 5", Ronon Dex has quite the intimidating appearance. Ronon tends to wear brown clothing and is fond of trench coats. One glance will tell you his clothing is pretty shabby but he he honestly couldn't care less for rips and tears. His clothing is one of the only possessions he had during his time as a runner and for him, they tell his story. Take for example the dark brown trademark dreadlocks. They sport various rings and bindings to remind Ronon of friends that he lost and his once proud planet, Sateda. Another example is the necklace made out of wraith finger bones. A constant reminder of what the wraith had forced upon him and a warning to those foolish enough to cross paths with him.

Ronon has two tattoos. One on the right side of his neck and one on his left arm.The tattoo on his neck is made up of 3 different things; on the right - a scythe shaped marking with it's blade going up instead of downwards, the middle – a straight vertical line, and on the left side – 3 small squares in a vertical line, starting from the top and ending at the middle. This tattoo indicates Satedan military rank much like the stars a general will wear on their shoulders. Also on the same side of his face, Ronon as three freckles under his eye forming a “tear trail”. The tattoo on Ronon's left arm is made up of rows and rows of connected triangles pointing downwards starting from just under his elbow and to his wrist. He usually wears bracers so only the half of his tattoo is visible.

Usually, the only weapon that is visible on Ronon is his gun resting in it's holster. But don't be fooled by his appearance, Ronon is well armed with knives that are hidden all over his person – even in his dreadlocks! If Ronon isn't using a gun holster, he'll tuck his gun away into the back of his pants. His gun will always be within arms reach.

Here's a profile shot and a normal shot of Ronon Dex.



Ronon Dex, in terms of abilities, is a powerhouse. Being one of the elites of the Satedan military and even commanding his own unit by the time he was 20, he is quick when it comes to fighting, war and all things physical. He is a very experienced tracker, having been taught to hunt and track by his grandfather by the age of 6. He owes his life to these skills with them saving his hide way too many times to count.

Particle magnum concept

Ronon's trademark gun

A proven sharp-shooter, Ronon is quick to adept to foreign weaponry although his weapon of choice is his gun that was picked up during his runner days. His gun, which is powered by rechargeable energy cells, fires energy rounds and has two settings, stun or kill - which he'll almost always leave on except at the behest of his team mates for 'friendlier approach'.

His secondary weapon of choice is his sword that he will sometimes take with him on missions. When he has it, he will use it for close quarters battle, but he rarely needs it. If he doesn't have his sword, one of the multiple knives hidden on his person will suffice. When he's on base, he spends a lot of time in the gym sparring or teaching the marines there Satedan fighting techniques. His signature attack is a leap towards the enemy followed by a strong downwards punch. He's also an effective instructor.

One final strength Ronon possesses is a natural resistance to all sorts of things. Most notably is a natural resistance to stun. Usually it will take two or more shots to successfully stun Ronon with an energy weapon.


Introduce Ronon to something scientific, or even remotely academic for that matter, and he is at a total loss. This is a general field he wishes he knew more about but he knows that he is pretty much useless when a scientific problem arises. Despite this, he will always try to be useful although the extent of his usefulness is stating the obvious. During many team meetings, a plan with a lot of scientific explanation will result in him asking for a simpler explanation of said plan. He really couldn't care for science.

Ronon is a very passionate fighter and uses his emotions, particularly his anger, to fuel his attacks. Take away his anger or throw in confusion, and he's not that great of a fighter. He becomes unfocused and an easy target for those able to fight. On the other side of the coin, his passionate hate for the Wraith can cause him to be a compromise to any plan that involves help from the wraith.

Despite all his strengths, in the end Ronon is only human and can die just as easily as the next person.


Simply put, Mr Dex is a loose cannon. On the outside, Ronon is a very intimidating, unapproachable person - it

How interrogation on Atlantis rolls.

takes guts to say anything to him. Give time to get to know him, he's almost the total opposite but even then, you can never tell what sort of reaction you'll get from him. Typically quiet, Ronon is a very observant, calculating person who won't say anything unless he feels he has to. Because of this, he's very good at reading people and will get straight to the point rather than beat about the bush.

Most times getting on his good side is like a trial by fire. If you manage to pass it, you will find Ronon to be extremely loyal to you. On the flip side, when Ronon has you in his bad books, he will never let it go. You will know if he doesn't like you. Unfortunately if he does like you, you probably wouldn't be too sure of it for his own amusement. To quote the man himself, he's "not good at talking" and he's uncomfortable whenever he tries to express his emotions through words. Expression through action though, is something that comes quite naturally. If he's happy to see you safe and sound, if he's extremely grateful, if he wants to cheer you up - Ronon would easily hug you.

Towards strangers, Ronon's very distrustful and he's constantly battle-ready. He always has at least a few knives at hand, and even when he's sleeping, he's got his gun tucked away under his pillow. In the face of his enemies, Ronon is an extremely ferocious, sometimes reckless, foe with a lust for blood. Though one may argue that his recklessness comes from optimism, a good understanding of self and confidence in his skills. He enjoys a good fight and killing off as many Wraith as he can. In battle, mercy has absolutely no meaning. For Ronon, it's either kill or be killed or shoot first, ask questions later - preferably shoot first. When he fights, he fights with the pride and honor of a Satedan warrior, not going easy on anyone.

When he's not on off-world missions, he is usually seen at the gym, the infirmary or the cafeteria. At the gym, he's sparring, teaching people how to fight, or picking on people while pretending to teach them how to fight. Often enough, hanging out at the gym will end with him in the infirmary proudly bearing battle scars. He's been well established as the most frequent patient out of the whole Atlantis Expedition. A word of warning to those who would dare - don't ever try to deny him of his food. You are likely to find Ronon in the cafeteria at midnight for a snack, especially on nights when he can't sleep. He prefers the company of his friends when he eats his meals. In actuality, this is mostly because Ronon harbours a deep fear of being completely alone.

Ronon's hate for the Wraith is summed up with, "I can’t leave this galaxy until every last Wraith is dead." That's actually more or less his goal in life. He also dislikes being told what to do and will display defiance towards most orders placed on him. Since joining the Atlantis Expedition and spending time with people from Earth, Ronon has come to learn about and love TV and movies. His favourite ones are action films and will talk to his team mates about what he saw at the last base movie night. He also believes in everything he watches. If it isn't clear by now, Ronon has a big mischievous streak. When he's not doing something physical, he keeps himself entertained by unsettling people. Lastly, Ronon loves being destructive. If given the chance to, he would gladly shoot at anything that needs shooting.

At the end of the day, Ronon Dex realises how lucky of a person he is to have reliable friends and to be alive. He takes in all the emotions and experiences he goes through and uses them to fuel his purpose, to make him stronger. He's a very human character and has a strong sense of justice which often conflicts with others'. Ronon is also deeply patriotic for his fallen Sateda and lives on for the memory of his fallen people. Speak ill of Sateda and you will quickly find yourself eye to eye with a gun barrel.


For thousands upon thousands of years, the Pegasus Galaxy has been under siege by a single race known as the Wraith. These Wraith that feed on humans travel in hive ships run by it's queen, culling human worlds throughout the galaxy for food, slaves and sometimes game. After defeating the Ancients, the race that designed the star gate system and seeded human life through out multiple galaxies, and with no one to stand in their way, the Wraith freely culled to the point where the human population of the Pegasus Galaxy couldn't sustain their demand for food. This forced most of the Wraith into hibernation so as to allow their food supply to replenish it's numbers. But even with the number of active Wraith greatly decreased, the cullings still continued.

Enter: Ronon Dex. Ronon Dex was born and raised on the planet Sateda in the Pegasus Galaxy. Sateda was a technologically advanced planet resembling that of an Industrial Age world. At a young age he joined the military after growing up hunting and playing with triple-barreled shot guns. He was mentored by one of Sateda's best task masters and proved to be an effective soldier, easily climbing his way to an elite level gaining the rank of Specialist and even his own unit to command. He also fell deeply in love with a nurse named Malena and married her. Then one day the Wraith came to cull Sateda but the Satedans fought back and were strong. They had succeeded in driving the Wraith away only to have them come again, this time to destroy the planet. Eventually Sateda succumbed to the attack and it's people were either killed or captured. Most of Ronon's team mates had perished and during another attempt to convince his wife to escape Sateda, he witnessed her being killed by an explosion. Ronon, however, was captured and was about to be fed on by a Wraith until the Wraith noticed something formidable about Ronon and stopped from feeding on him. The Wraith then took Ronon, surgically placed a transmitter in his back and set him loose so they could hunt him. From here, Ronon's life as a Satedan soldier had formally ended and his life as a Wraith Runner began. All this had happened, before he was even 20 years of age.

The Runner spent seven long years hiding and running from his Wraith hunters. Unable to remove the transmitter in his back, the Wraith were sure to appear wherever he went. Somewhere down the line, the hunter became the hunted as Ronon used the skills he grew up with to keep him alive. And it worked. For seven years, Ronon spent his life utterly alone, running from planet to planet, never daring to set foot in a village and killing Wraith. It was during this time that Ronon came across an AWOL member of the Atlantis Expedition with then Major John Sheppard (now Lieutenant Colonel), Teyla Emmagan and Dr Rodney McKay hot on his heels. Ronon agreed to help them find their friend in exchange for removal of his transmitter. He then came back with the team to Atlantis and learnt the fate of his home, Sateda.

A year prior to Ronon arriving, the Atlantis Expedition from Earth had arrived in Atlantis, the city of legend, which was actually a city ship of the Ancients who the citizens of the Pegasus Galaxy know as the Ancestors. Upon their arrival, they woke the hibernating Wraith from their slumber and inadvertently informed the Wraith of the existence of Earth - a planet with an abundant food supply. However, with the Wraith re-awakening too early and the Pegasus Galaxy's human population still insufficient, they began to war amongst themselves on top of culling and going to war against several human races.

After proving himself to be a valuable asset to Atlantis, Ronon joined Sheppard's team, already consisting of Teyla and McKay, and continued to fight on to rid the universe of the Wraith. Ronon's first year with the Expedition was an especially challenging one for him. For one, he had to re-integrate himself into civilisation and normal-er life. He learnt the hard way after betraying Teyla's trust, using her to get to his traitorous mentor, Kell, to kill him. He also discovered that about 300 Satedans survived the Wraith attack and are living all throughout the Pegasus Galaxy. That meant that there was no possible home for him to go back to. Despite having to re-adjust himself to fit in, he could never lessen his immense hatred for the Wraith. Sometimes this hindered missions his team was centrally involved in. One such was the creation of "Michael", a Wraith-Human Hybrid as the result of an experiment, who later almost took over the entire galaxy before ultimately being killed off by Teyla three years down the track.

Shortly after working with the Atlantis Expedition for a year, Ronon found himself at the only village he came across during his time as a Runner. Here, the "Wraithbringer" Ronon was captured by the villagers, then given up to the Wraith that were hunting him. These Wraith Hunters turned Ronon into a Runner once again and set him loose in an empty Sateda. The rest of his team back at base eventually found him and set him free from the Runner life once again. Not long after this, the original owners of Atlantis, the Ancients, returned and proceeded to kick the Atlantis Expedition out of their home. Ronon and Teyla couldn't leave the Pegasus Galaxy and opted to stay behind and live with Teyla's people, the Athosians, while the rest returned to Earth. This only lasted six weeks as a sentient, machine race known as the Asurans or the Replicators, attacked their makers, prompting a rogue rescue mission from Earth. The aftermath of this saw the last of the Ancients deceased and Earth once again in control of Atlantis.

Before celebrating his second year of being in Atlantis, the Expedition lost two valuable members and to Ronon, two good friends. The first was the death of Dr Carson Beckett, the Chief Medical Officer who removed Ronon's tracking device, and the second was Dr Elizabeth Weir, the leader of the Atlantis Expedition who had been captured by the Replicators. With the loss of two major personnel, Atlantis went through change. Dr Beckett was replaced by the young, Dr Jennifer Keller and Dr Weir was replaced by Colonel Samantha Carter who was better known for being part of Stargate Command's flagship team, SG-1. This change, again, took Ronon some time to get used to. And to add more salt to the wound, Ronon went through a tragic reunion with members of his unit from Sateda.

At first, it was a joyful reunion with his three team mates and quite unexpected too as Ronon thought they had died during the Wraith attack on Sateda. While catching up and getting his arm tattooed, he learnt that his friends - rather, "family" - were running operations against the Wraith and they invited him to join them on an Op. Ronon happily accepted, placing himself back into sorely missed territory and told Sheppard that he was leaving Atlantis after their mission. But everything was too good to be true. Ronon's family turned on Ronon and the Atlantis team in the middle of the op. and their true identity as loyal Wraith Worshippers - fanatical humans that would do anything for their Wraith Lords - was revealed. This cut Ronon deeply and forced the four friends into a Satedan honor fight which ended with two dead - one by Ronon's hands - and Ronon vowing to kill Tyre the next time they met.

By Ronon's third year with the Expedition, Atlantis had moved to a new planet, found itself with two very unreliable allies with whom they rid the Pegasus Galaxy of the Replicator threat and saw the return of a friend thought dead, Dr Beckett, who turned out to be a clone anyway. Earth had finally accepted Ronon as an official team member of the Atlantis Expedition and he had also developed feelings for Dr Keller with whom the feeling was mutual but they never went any further. Teyla's people, the Athosians, were also kidnapped by Michael then rescued and Teyla herself gave birth to a baby boy. Col Carter was replaced as leader of the Expedition by Mr Richard Woolsey, a bureaucrat from the International Oversight Advisory that oversees the Stargate Program. Ronon even encountered Tyre again who successfully captured him and gave him to the Wraith. The Wraith tortured and drugged Ronon over and over again until Ronon was finally brainwashed into becoming a Wraith Worshipper himself. After the team from Atlantis, along with a detoxed and non-brainwashed Tyre, capture Ronon, Tyre gives his life for the team and blows up the Wraith facility. Ronon then went through an excruciating detox process and finally understood in the end that Tyre was his family all along and was given Tyre's sword.

Most recently, a Wraith named "Todd", one of Atlantis's unreliable allies, informed Atlantis of a new Hive Ship in construction that would become unstoppable if it was left alone. While engaging the ship and losing the battle, the location of Earth had been broad-casted to the Wraith from an alternate dimension, so the ship fled and headed straight for Earth. During the battle, the Expedition had exhausted it's means of stopping the ship which left them with no choice but to fly Atlantis to Earth. Atlantis reached Earth just in time and the team managed to blow the Hive Ship up from the inside, but being forced to block an attack in Earth's atmosphere, Atlantis was forced to land in Earth.

Ronon comes from just after the last season of Atlantis while Atlantis is still floating next to the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco.

Game HistoryEdit

  • Pod popped to a ship with no Atlantis members (at the end of May '09) while most of the ship were on a mission and learnt about the Ohm.
  • Got caught up in the Yeerk incident with team "Kill It" (i.e. 'A house divided' plot). The Yeerk was trialed and sentenced to indefinite imprisonment and Ronon with a few others weren't happy with the outcome and decided that Schmuz, the Yeerk, should be dead for the best of all the crew. They tried to intercept the escort security convoy, which Ronon was a part of, and kill Schmuz mid-transit. This resulted in a few of the bystanders getting shot, all the consiprators being caught and imprisoned and the revelation that the Yeerk Ronon was meant to escort with the security detail was actually a decoy.
  • Ronon was still in prison when the ship's crew divided into two groups; those who wanted to GTFO Stacy and those who were going to stay behind. Team GTFO woke up HAL9000 who then tried to kill everyone by opening up the "Contagion Containment and Quarantine" section and allowing its contents to ravage the living on the ship. The crew left behind had already holed themselves up in a replica of the Vatican and the prisoners were still imprisoned within St Peter's Basilica. It was only until the zombies started attacking that the prisoners were finally released to help fight them off. Ronon was happy to finally get his gun back and shoot at things for real.
  • Team GTFO freed Stacy (the ship's main AI) who was imprisoned within herself. She then got rid of the remaining zombies and revealed to the whole ship that they were the only survivors of their universes and that they were the only ones who could defeat the Ohm, an ancient and multi-dimensional threat. Learning this put Ronon in his place and made him realise that the ship's crew was more than competent and that they had to work together to get their homes back.

Notable Crew-mates

Ronon's not much of a talkative person so he doesn't interact with a lot of people on the ship.

Team Delta Out of Team Delta, he's really only ever spoken to Daniel Jackson. This would be because the team's changed around a few times.

Team "Kill It" They tried to kill the Yeerk together when thier leader, Sam Winchester, got out of control and shot people. Then they were imprisoned together. The members were Sam, Ronon, Marcus, Leela, Xander, Jason, ?, Ravager, Bella, Lyta, Tim and Katara (sort of). Bandit Ronon ran into Bandit and was curious about the thing on Bandit's head.

Blue Beetle - Jaime Reyes Ronon met him in the sensorium to talk about getting the hell off the ship but didn't go anywhere with it.

Colonel Cameron Mitchell Mitchell comes from the year before Ronon comes from. Ronon was relieved to finally find a familiar face. Although, the Yeerk conspiracy put them on oposite sides of the playing field. Ronon's most likely broken Mitchell's trust. 'Dani PhantomShe's a clone of a boy. Why anyone would be happy to be a clone is something Ronon still doesn't get but she's alright with it, so that's alright then.

Daniel Jackson They've established that Daniel comes 5 years from Ronon's past so hasn't yet met Ronon.

Private Dexter Grif They started talking over food and prison food but he has yet to learn his name. Not that Ronon really cares anyway.

John Crichton [re-podded] Mistook him for Colonel Cameron Mitchell in the mess hall and they were on Team Delta together.

Leon S. Kennedy - Head of Security As the head of Security, Ronon's betrayal has placed him in Leon's bad books. Likewise, Ronon didn't understand why Leon wouldn't have wanted the Yeerk dead for the safety of the crew. Now that Ronon's free and has had a change of heart, Ronon's trying to get become a part of Security once again, where he's most useful to the ship and her crew.

Luke Skywalker He came across Luke in the sensoriums and got some tips for meditating.

Malcom Reynolds - team delta's ex-leader [re-podded then pod-popped] They met when ronon went to see the sensoriums for the first time and went over Mal's mission together. Ronon hasn't quite figured out why his team leader's changed. Nor caught onto the fact that the current Mal doesn't know him yet.

Murphy and Connor MacManus Free alcohol is always good and moonshine is even better!

Nanoha Takamachi He was interested in learning magic - or was it really to see if it existed? - and Nanoha was doing magical combat training.

Ravager - Rose He was impressed by her swords and learnt a few things from her about Stacy.

Red Snout Ronon ran into him in the obs deck and thought he was a monster that eats humans. Ronon was partially correct and they started a fight with each other resulting in 1 warning each.

River Tam [re-podded] He had a silent convo with her. She impressed and intrigued him.

Sailor mars - Rei [re-podded] Both were grumpy and he learnt a few things about Stacy and the crew from her.