Reyna Kam
Reyna Kam
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Fandom Star Wars (OC)
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Tag Reyna Kam

Species Human
Height 5' 7" (1.7 m)
Weight 160 lbs (73 kg)
Hair Brown
Eyes Gray
Age 21
Birthday February 20th
Place of Birth Alderaan (67 BBY)


Reyna is smart, sassy, and strong-willed. Once she she sets her sights on a goal she pursues it until it's either been achieved or she's exhausted every means at her disposal of reaching it. She is very much a no-nonsense woman who doesn't believe in petty rivalries, obsessing over minutiae, or pointless bickering. Because of this she is usually slow to anger and more likely to assault someone verbally than physically. She feels that most conflict can be avoided by open, honest discussion and a willingness to compromise. Her patience has its limits however, and if she feels that someone is prevaricating too much she will resort to cajoling, bullying, and occasionally even threats in order to get them to see reason.

Reyna is very much an open-minded young woman who embraces diversity. She loves the wide range of beings and cultures in the Republic and wants to see them all. For Reyna "different" is always intriguing and often alluring, and she frequently finds herself drawn in where other people might be repelled. As a result she has little patience for people who display bigotry and hatred for beings who are different from themselves.

Reyna was raised to believe that people should do something productive and worthwhile with their lives, so even though her family is financially well off enough that she would never have to work, she still chose to devote herself to getting a good education and finding a career. As a consequence she dislikes people who just coast through life living off their family, friends, or government without trying to better themselves. This includes the government itself and the officials that serve it. Reyna believes that a lawful government is good for society and that it is the responsibility of that government's elected officials to keep the government free from corruption.

Even though Reyna is hard working and well versed in protocol she still has a bit of a wild streak in her. It was more pronounced when she was younger and it manifested itself in pranks, partying, and minor rule infractions at her up-scale prep school. She never broke the rules badly enough to get expelled, but an unfortunate incident at her graduation party made her realize that things were starting to get out of hand. Nowadays she limits herself to reading racy spy novels, flying her classic Bespin Motors JR-4 swoop at high speeds, and "slumming" in the cantinas and dance clubs in Aldera's Spacer Quarter.

When it comes to relationships Reyna loves to flirt but rarely lets things get serious. Her only long term romantic relationship was uninspiring and decidedly un-romantic, so she's leery of getting involved with anyone. The area of romance is also one of the few places where her natural poise and fiery spirit fail her. Whenever she feels a strong attraction to someone she is prone to blushing and tends to babble when near them. This is especially true if it's another woman as Reyna has only recently come to terms with her bisexuality.

Reyna is a bit of a “girly-girl” and likes to look nice whenever possible. She prefers clothing that flatters her ample curves (she measures in at an impressive 38DD-26-37 and leans towards the heavy end of a U.S. size 10) so she can often be seen wearing low-cut tops, flirty skirts, and high heels. (Although she is currently restricted to the clingy plantsuit provided by Stacy accessorized with a nice pair of boots and a few pieces of jewelry.) She is especially fond of boots and has a collection back home that ranges from the ultra practical to the ultra sexy. Makeup is a must whenever she goes "out," although Reyna is a firm believer in the "less is more" philosophy and feels that it should subtly enhance your natural beauty and not be caked on like a mask.

Personal HistoryEdit

Born in 67 BBY, Reyna Kam is the second child and only daughter of Christoph and Selenia Kam. Her older brother Davan is almost 5 years her senior, but in spite of this they got along fairly well while they were growing up. Reyna's father Christoph is a high-ranking member of the Alderaanian government who is known for being stubborn but fair. Her mother is the perfect political wife: beautiful, erudite, and charming. She is tactful where her husband is blunt and often ends up smoothing the feathers ruffled by husband.

When Reyna was 10 years old her mother Selenia contracted Knowt's Disease. Selenia felt that replacing her body parts with cybernetics to slow down the disease would make her less human, so she chose to let the disease run its course. The next three years were hard on the family, with the relationship between Christoph and his increasingly rebellious son Davan taking the brunt of the strain. Reyna was saddened by her mother's choice but eventually came to admire her for it. When Selenia finally succumbed to the disease things got even worse between Christoph and Davan, resulting in the latter booking passage on a freighter headed for the Outer Rim. Davan has not been home nor talked to his father since then, but he does exchange sporadic messages with his sister.

At 14 Reyna's father enrolled her in Aldera Prep, an exclusive all-girls boarding school catering to the children of the rich and famous of the Core Worlds. While eager to learn, the young Reyna found the place to be stuffy and boring. That all changed the day she meet a pretty little blonde girl named Hayleigh Donovan. The two of them hit it off right from the start and quickly became best friends.

Spending time with Hayleigh made life at Aldera Prep far more enjoyable for Reyna. The two were inseparable and were always causing mischief. They did everything from scrambling the lock code on the Head Master's office to throwing loud parties to sneaking out at night to go skinny dipping. It was during one of their late night swims that Hayleigh surprised Reyna by kissing her. The kiss itself actually wasn't that shocking - Hayleigh was openly bisexual and Reyna knew that Kaylee was attracted to her. What was shocking was how much Reyna enjoyed the kiss.

Confused by what she was feeling, Reyna grabbed her clothes and fled back to the school. She avoided Hayleigh for a while, but she missed her friend and knew that avoiding her would just hurt her feelings even more, so eventually she sought her out. Reyna explained that while she liked the kiss she wasn't sure she could ever really feel "that way" about another girl. Hayleigh was disappointed but glad that Reyna was at least being honest with her. The two made up and eventually went back to being best friends, but in spite of what Reyna told her friend she began to find herself increasingly attracted to women as she got older, causing her to wonder if there was something wrong with her.

At 17 Reyna and Hayleigh both graduated from Aldera Prep and threw a big party to celebrate. There was plenty of music, dancing, drinking, and boys, and things quickly grew rowdy. With the alcohol in her system weakening her inhibitions Reyna decided that tonight would be the night she lost her virginity. Choosing the best looking guy she could find she made her way towards him and turned on the charm. By now Reyna had developed not only into a stunningly beautiful young woman but a talented speaker as well, so she had no trouble seducing her intended target. When he suggested going someplace more private she readily agreed.

Unfortunately things were not as enjoyable as Reyna had hoped they'd be. Her chosen partner was selfish and inconsiderate and only cared about his own pleasure. As soon as he was done he headed back to the party looking smug while Reyna was left feeling upset and decidedly unsatisfied. Eventually Hayleigh noticed that Reyna was missing and went looking for her. She found her still in bed and close to tears. After drawing the story out of her Hayleigh went looking for Reyna's erstwhile lover to give him a piece of her mind. The guy was nowhere to be found however and no one recognized his name, and in the end they concluded that he must have crashed the party.

Afterwards Reyna began to think that maybe her life was starting to get a little out of control. She felt that if she hadn't been so inebriated she would have been able to pick up on the guy's over-inflated opinion of himself and could have avoided having such a disappointing "first time." When she started classes at the University of Alderaan later that year she was a more serious person. She still liked to flirt and still liked to have an occasional drink, but she never let either activity get out of hand again. The craziest thing she allowed herself to do was stay out late dancing at the clubs with Hayleigh and ride her speeder at breakneck speeds through the countryside.

While at U of A Reyna met a quiet young man named William. He was sweet and caring (if a little dull) and the two started dating. Things eventually turned physical, and while William was giving in the bedroom he was also uninspired. Feeling unfulfilled on both a emotional and physical level Reyna began to drift away from William. Roughly a year after they started dating Reyna officially ended the relationship. She broke it to William as gently as she could and they were able to remain friends.

At 20 Reyna graduated with a degree in Intergalactic Relations and a minor in Linguistics and went on to apply for a job with the Republic's Diplomatic Corps. Between her family's connections and her high marks at University she was readily accepted. She spent the next year or so working as one of many rotating aides used by the Corps's senior diplomats, all the while building a name for herself with her hard work and obvious talents.

She has found the work to be both rewarding and interesting, and her contact with other species has helped her to grow and mature as a person. Thanks to her exposure to so many diverse cultures and thanks in no small part to the continued support and encouragement of her friend Hayleigh, Reyna was finally been able to come to terms with her recurring attraction to other women. Reyna now understands that being attracted to both men and women is simply part of who she is and is in no way "abnormal," but she's still getting used to the idea so having another woman express an interest in her often get her flustered and makes her blush noticeably.

Reyna is rescued by the Daligig shortly after she arrrives on Alderaan for a belated 21st birthday party.

Noteworthy AbilitiesEdit

Reading Body LanguageEdit

Reyna has a keen eye and is adept at reading the body language of humans and near-humans. This allows her to detect the subtle signs that indicate when a person is lying and also gives her a general idea of a person's mood even if they are trying to hide it. This is something that she has to be actively trying to do however, so unless something is so obvious that she can't help but notice it (like an angry person trying to appear calm but unconsciously grinding their teeth and clenching their fists), she will not be aware of anything untoward. This is also not something she does frequently as she feels that "reading" someone this way is rude.

Iron WillEdit

Strong willed and stubborn like her father, Reyna is naturally resistant to things like mind control, brain washing, and "Jedi mind tricks." While she can't actually stop someone from invading her thoughts she can usually tell when some is crawling around inside her head and will put up quite a fight when she does. This makes it very hard for someone to control her this way, although a strong enough telepath or Jedi (i.e. Alfred Bester, Jean Grey as Phoenix, or Master Yoda) will still be able to do so if they really push. Obvious exceptions to this are Stacey and any of her AIs as well as GLaDOS.


Reyna has a talented tongue and speaks half a dozen languages in addition to Basic. She is a fast learner when it comes to languages and while she can't pick up a new one overnight she can often do so in weeks where other people might require months or even years.

Aboard the MeatshipEdit

Significant EventsEdit

When she met Kyle Katarn during PodPop he was forced to tell her about Alderaan's destruction. She broke down in tears for a while and then pulled herself together enough to get out of the Pod Cavern with Kyle's help. She has yet to deal with the full emotional impact of this revelation.


None yet.

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