Lieutenant Nyota Uhura
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In The Meatship, At a Glance

Human, born in Africa


Spock, Leonard "Bones" McCoy


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Bridge Officer, Communications (USS Enterprise)


Uhura stands at about five feet, seven inches and hails from the planet Earth, specifically from the continent of Africa. She is slim, by all acounts, weighing between 51.36 to 52.27 kilos (113/115 lbs, to those not metric). Uhura has long, straight, black hair that when loosed from her usual on-duty ponytail brushes mid-back if not a little longer that compliments her darker brown skintone most flatteringly.

Had you found her in her own universe, she'd be in proper uniform. However, while on Transmigration 9, she'll be stuck with her plansuit unless she can find a) a proper sewing kit and b) fabric to her taste.


Feisty. One word shouldn't, at all, encompass a woman, but that one does. She'd rather give you her last name than her first and then deny you further access until she knows you. Uhura has always been an intensely private person and when that privacy is threatened, she'd rather let loose with snark--it's a handy defense mechanism.

That said, she is confident in herself, her abilities, and her ability to handle herself in nearly any situation. She'd also rather help than walk when it comes to dangerous situations. Uhura firmly believes that sometimes the best course of action is to move forward despite the consequences. Sometimes you have to bend the rules to do it, but keeping the spirit of the rules alive while doing so.


During her time at Starfleet Academy, Uhura specialized in xenolinguistics on the Command track toward communications officer. Commander Spock served as one of Cadet Uhura's instructors and judged her performance to be consistently exemplary. She has always possessed superior aural sensitivity compared to most and always knew she wanted to persue a career in Communications. (You know how someone Aunt was always able to hear everything you said even though she was downstairs and had that television turned up really loud? That would be Uhura. Look, you now have context!)

Cquote1 Uhura originates from Africa and was the Academy aide for the advanced phonology and advanced acoustical engineering courses. She was also Vice President of Starfleet Academy's Chorale Ensemble. She is also among the few who can play Vulcan lute with any proficiency. Cquote2

In 2255, while at the Shipyard Bar near the Riverside Shipyard in Iowa, Uhura met an inebriated Jim Kirk, who began flirting (very badly) with her.

She totally pays for her own shots.

Although annoyed by Kirk's advances, Uhura was surprised that Kirk knew what was involved in the study of xenolinguistics. This exchange led to a bar fight as four male cadets were displeased at the attention Kirk was giving Uhura. In all probability, it might have been the cupcake comment Kirk kept lobbing at that one particularly burly cadet, yo. I might be annoyed with a punk like Kirk muscling in on one of my cadet friends, too. Cupcake, obviously was destined for Security. The red shirt fits him perfectly. Gotta wonder how long he lasted, though. Grrrr. He did have fun marshaling Kirk to the bridge after he and Scott beamed aboard the Enterprise. You could really see the love.

In a move that, no doubt, plagues Kirk to this day, Uhura became romantically involved with Commander Spock at some point before 2258, and consequently kept that lower than low key. Why advertise? I mean, seriously. It's an awesome relationship, it's understated (and private), and yet perfect in all of its many different ways. Screwing around with a perfect thing that just might raise a few eyebrows (I mean Spock is Spock and awesome, but froeverone else out there, he's half Vulcan and half Human and it's just weird) just doesn't fly in Uhura's manual. She likes Spock for who he is, end of discussion.

Cquote1 It is unestablished under what circumstances Spock and Uhura entered their relationship, and it is not known if Spock was still her instructor at that time. Speculation would say they waited because neither of them would break protocol in that manner. For all intents an purposes, they are extremely professional in public. One might not even notice they're involved at all. And that is the way they want it. Cquote2

In 2258, Uhura was able to detect and translate a message originating within Klingon territory. That message indicated that a fleet of 47 Klingon vessels around the Klingon prison planet, Rura Penthe, were engaged and destroyed by an unknown Romulan ship (which completely trashed their ships--Nero? Was a little pissed off, y'think?). She returned home early that night, interrupting her roommate, at the time an Orion cadet named Gaila,
and Kirk, whom she was less than pleased at seeing. Mostly because he was forever attempting to relieve her of duty, if you know what I mean. Don't worry, he grows up! Uhura was present as communications officer during Kirk's third re-take of the Kobayashi Maru scenario the following day, along with Leonard McCoy. Both were also at the subsequent hearing on Kirk's actions, during which the attack on Vulcan began.

Spock was in charge of the starship deployment assignments for the cadets of Uhura's graduating class, and had initially assigned Lieutenant Uhura to the USS Farragut, in spite of Uhura's stated desire to serve aboard the USS Enterprise, the badass new flagship, in order to avoid any appearance of favoritism. Uhura confronted him about this choice, noting that she was more than qualified to serve aboard the Enterprise and that it was unfair to deny her an opportunity she would have gained had they not been romantically involved. Spock relented (pleased that she'd used his own logic against him) and assigned her to the Enterprise.

Aboard the Enterprise, Captain Christopher Pike promoted Uhura to communications officer because Lieutenant Hawkins, the ship's prior communications officer, was in need of being schooled not certain that he could distinguish transmissions in Romulan from transmissions in Vulcan. Uhura, by contrast, was fluent in all three Romulan dialects (as well in 80% of the known Federation languages).

After Vulcan's destruction, Uhura privately comforted Spock. Before Kirk and Spock beamed to Nero's ship, Spock shared a tender goodbye kiss with Uhura, calling her by her first name, and revealing their relationship in the presence of Kirk and Montgomery Scott. (In all honesty, if this had not been deemed an emergency situation with little probability of success, that particular event may have never happened.) Kirk, who had repeatedly attempted to learn Uhura's first name to no avail throughout the years, asked Spock if "Nyota" was her first name. Spock responded "I have no comment on the matter."

Although keeping her distance, she has come to respect Kirk as captain of the Enterprise, even though his head is easily turned by skirts.



  • Starfleet insignia
  • One Vulcan Lute
  • One pair earrings, red