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The Hub Edit

The Hub is a series of tubes...

Really, it is! Okay, so it's more where all the tubes connect. To allow easy travel throughout such a large ship, there are halls, of course, but also anti-grav tubes, where tentacles guide you up or down to wherever in the ship you need to go. These tubes form several crossroads (crosstubes?), where you simply call out the name of the section of the ship you want to go to and Stacy takes you there--or she whisks you along where she wants to take you. The Hub is the largest of these Crossroads.

The Hub is a huge cavern with lots of signs and holes in the ceiling, where a tentacle will lift you off your feet into the anti-grav field and tow you along to your destination.

Even then, Stacy is only willing to take you to the places on the ship that are unlocked unless commanded to by the current captain. Since the Main Hub is the most central location in the ship, at the bottom of the Hub is the location of...

The Medical Wing Edit

The Medical Hall is a short hallway that consists of three sections.

Contagion Containment and Treatment Edit

The one one the left: Contagion Containment and Treatment. This is the ship's biochemistry/genetics lab, and contains scads of research equipment, samples, and other scientific curiosities. This was the area where Stacy had secured zombie "samples" that the ship's original science crew were using to try to create a biological weapon that could kill even the Ohm. The area is now cleaned up and zombie free, however, and can be used for any number of functions. While it is primarily a research facility, it has full medical supplies, like the other area, making it the prime place to treat for genetic, viral, and contagious bacterial illness, while Medbay proper is best used as a trauma ward.

Inside the lab is the ship's Quarantine, a small hallway of bubble-like cells built into the wall. The bubbles are used to contain crew members who might be at risk for disease, outbreaks or other contagious conditions until Science and Medical find a method to deal with the problem. The quarantine bubbles are impenetrable and must be retracted by a high-ranking staff member, though there is a small cubby in the wall for sterilization so that objects can be passed inside and outside the bubble. Inside the bubbles is a simple cot, a blanket and a toilet area in the back.

A part of this lab is still locked off, however, and like Acquisitions in the Special Weapons Division, the door can't be opened.

Medical Bay Edit

The lab in the middle: the Medical Bay. This is the Medical Bay proper, and while there are other small medical centers on the ship, those are mere first aid posts in the wake of this wing, which is like its own hospital, sprawling and full of countless mushy beds (complete with medical restraints that look like the legs of insects), chitinous healing tanks of sloshy blue liquid, and rooms full of strange, slightly sinister, and gross-looking equipment. Stacy assists medical personnel with finely tuned tentacles, and the medical equipment here is astoundingly technologically-advanced, but useless unless you know how to use it correctly. The only one who seems to have the training is the Emergency Medical Hologram, who can only be tangible here due to the holographic projectors.

Medbay is equipped to stabilize someone in the face of genetic/viral/bacterial illnesses, and contain xenobiological hazards, but the more complicated cases will likely be transferred right next door to the Contagion Containment and Treatment wing, which is better suited to treat more complicated genetic and viral problems. Medbay serves best as a place to treat traumatic injuries.

The Med Bay is very advanced. State of the art scanners, floating holo-screens that a doctor can even take with them anywhere in the ship that has a holo-projector, standing and bedside full-body scans. The scanning tech is much more advanced than MRIs and whatnot. It's more futuristic warzone medic tent than modern-day hospital.

Surgical gloves with multiple tools on them, such as surgical lasers and suction devices drop down from the ceiling, there are goggles that show things in several wavelengths of vision, and that allow for microscopic zooming.

There are multitudes of tools, machines, and organic devices that perform certain medical functions in the MedBay as well as healing tanks and emergency stasis pods--and straight up cryogenics pods and heating tanks.

The beds are spread apart to let a group of medical personnel have room to gather around each and have what look like claws on the sides, bent down, that can bend up and wrap around a patient--patient restraints.

Let it be noted, there are...possibly THOUSANDS of beds. MedBay is actually one of the largest areas in the ship, and there are moving walkways in the floor to get individuals around the span of the room. (However, the crew will likely just use the front area. There is only one door but as sections of MedBay fill up, the floor movies around (with stabilizers so the doctors and patient doesn't feel the movement), to rotate unused beds towards the entrance. Tentacles help out too and actually form little platforms to move patients around or move doctors more quickly than the walkways and rotation of the room can, if needed.

If limbs were lost, highly advanced and even beneficial artificial prostheses would be provided. They could either look and feel perfectly human, have hidden attachments, or have a wide range of functions, though usually the appearance of a normal limb is sacrificed the more functions the limb has. Cloned limbs can also be provided, although Stacy prefers to grant prostheses and "upgrade" those who have lost limbs, and may, on occasion, force people to accept prostheses over cloned limbs. Cloned inner organs tend to be the norm for organ replacement.

The MedBay also has a fully-equipped biochemistry lab and genetic sequencer, for emergency purposes, but as said before, the Contagion Containment and Treatment Lab is still better-equipped. There are also quarantine units and shielding is available to contain xenobiological hazards until transfer to the other unit. Areas can also be cordoned and sealed off to squishy, round clear rooms (with a privacy curtain around them) for those with psychiatric issues. In such situations, the plantsuits adapt into a straightjacket.

There is also, obviously, the Emergency Medical Hologram, which can split into multiple holograms, though the more of them there are, the more chance there is of them breaking down in quality of function. A MASSIVE medical database is also available, although species are not displayed until an individual from a species first wakes from podsleep or the crew has an encounter with a foreign species. As of right now, the medical database has no individualized information on metas or otherwise augmented humans, only info on their species, unless those individuals have volunteered for scanning.

The largest problem with the MedBay is not so much its capacity, but the unfamiliarity the doctors have with the equipment. It is very advanced but not particularly user-friendly. Also, its difficulty in use means more hands are needed per patient, meaning that there need to be quite a few medical professionals per patient. Stacy and the Doctor try their best to help, but if very few doctors are serving many patients, they might find it quite difficult.

However, if a doctor understands the equipment and the patient is brought to MedBay in time, if the damage is not too extensive, the doctors would likely be able to even resuscitate people past the point they stopped breathing, but only if extensive brain damage hasn't occurred yet. For brain damage in general, they are more likely to be able to repair it if they have scans of the person from before the damage.

Special Weapons Division Edit

The wing to the right is: Special Weapons Division. One half medical wing, one half experimental workshop, parts of it--where it looks like people were kept--were once trashed, beds over-thrown, nasty-looking equipment broken and mangled, but it has now largely been cleaned up. This area has been largely renovated into a working machine shop and a place for the ship Nerd Herd to slap mechanical devices together.

There's an area in here marked Acquisitions. Unfortunately it's locked off with a fleshy, shielded door. Who knows what's in there? We certainly do don't.

On section, however, remains rather sinister. Behind a large piece of equipment, now moved out of the way, is a doorway into another section.

This place is indeed creepy. There are small enclaves--like separate cells, with empty pods in them. Next to the pods was a glowing panel, with alien words on it. It takes a few moments for the translator to kick in when they look at it, and the words slowly fade into recognizable characters:

[Pod 1] [Pod 2] [Pod 3] [Pod 4]

Please select a Pod for control options.

One of the enclaves is scorched black--the walls, the pod, every part of it is blistered black, yet if they touch it, there's no soot of any kind. It's likely hard for anyone to see, but burned into the floor is a mark.

Seal of Metatron

The air is dusty--Stacy doesn't clean here, and most of dust is made of skin flakes anyway, which Stacy has plenty of. The lights are dim, as some of them are burned out.

There's also a larger enclave that's very similar to MedBay, and quite large, with medical equipment. There's something that looks like an operating table there, with mechanical arms--surgical equipment of some kind. And restraints.

Hanging from a hook there is some kind of harness, metal segments, shaped like a human spine, with needles all along it, like it was meant to be cybernetically affixed to someone's back.

There are also desks there, with datapads, like in the Media Library, covered in green-gray dust, some of them left untouched by the groups that discovered this room, but most of their notations are corrupted by data damage and full of unreadable symbols.

However, it has the air of a hospice, a peaceful place, possibly, but there's no doubt that horrible things happened here and the aura of evil still lingers.

Unless you're a mechanic or engineer looking to salvage some tech from the room, there's nothing to see here, and it isn't worth dealing with the creepiness. Move along.