Not much is known about Kouji's history prior to the start the Mazinkaiser OVAs. It is assumed that it is the same thing as in the rest of the Mazinger series: that Kouji lived a normal life until the mad scientist Dr. Hell arrived. During his initial attack, Kouji's grandfather, Juuzo Kabuto, is gravely wounded but is able to pass on one of his life's works to Kouji: the super robot Mazinger-Z. Together with a group of his friends, including Sayaka Yumi (the pilot of Aphrodite A), Boss (the pilot of the piecemeal Boss Borot), and Tetsuya Tsurugi (pilot of Mazinger-Z's brother unit Great Mazinger), Kouji fought Dr. Hell and his lackey, the half-male, half-female human known as Baron Ashura.

Things would turn bad when Ashura is able to capture Mazinger-Z and toss away Kouji and the Hover Pilder. Crashlanding the Pilder into a hidden cave, Kouji discovered another Mazinger: Mazinkaiser. However, it proved too powerful and it nearly tried to plow through everyone before Sayaka was able to snap Kouji out. Despite the overwhelming power, Kouji fought on, having to take over when Tetsuya was badly injured. Kouji's battles with Ashura and Hell would keep pushing Mazinkaiser's limits. However, Dr. Hell nearly achieved victory by transforming Sayaka's second unit, the Venus Ace, into a Mechanical Monster and unleashing an army of Mechanical Monsters on their base, the Photon Power Plant. Thanks to the aid of the returning Tetsuya, armed with a new Great Mazinger, and the arrival of the Kaiser Scrander, Kouji and Mazinkaiser faced down Ashura and Hell and slew them both.

However, things weren't going to be that easy. While studying abroad, the Mycene Empire arose, seeking to kill Kouji and Mazinkaiser. Kouji and Sayaka were forced to return to Japan as Tetsuya and the Mazinger Army fought a losing battle with the monsters. Despite the overwhelming odds, Kouji is able to face down these beasts and kill their leader, Ankouku Daishogun, avenging those who perished.

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