Kala Alexis Fierro
LJ Userinfomagetrouble
Fandom Nanoha (OC)
Away Team
Player Kit
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Age 25
Birthday Late autumn
Arrival date JAN 01, 2010

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AIM: brilliantrouble

PB Felli Loss of Chrome Shelled Regios/Hannah Spearritt (edits done by Kit)
In The Meatship, At a Glance
Race Antedan, humanoid
Powers/Intelligent Device Wind, minor healing. Rising Phoenix
Family Brother; Gessu, Uncle; Bally
Friends William Shane Barlow, Kazami, Vivio, Rein, Fate, Nanoha, Tess
Residence 2B WITCH Bus/Will Barlow's
Occupation Mage, Time-Space Administration Bureau

Kala with her staff


Kala is about five feet and three inches tall, slender, and has been referred to as 'doll-like'. That said, she's tougher than she looks, though her incredibly long white hair really doesn't help her look any tougher. She generally uses it to hide, anyway. Kala inherited her gold eyes from her father and her white hair from her mother. Gessu, her oft mentioned brother, has white hair and green eyes but otherwise, they could be twins. Kala is mostly leg, which occasionally makes her incredibly awkward when it comes to things like, for example, dance. When she's not being awkward and is more focused, she's liable to be a little more graceful--but not much!


Kala has undergone a few years aging thanks to Ben Tennyson and it has come with its own share of surprises. Most notably, Kala now has very short hair.


It's fairly obvious that Kala has become noticibly attached to Will Barlow, and tends to stick around him most of the time. From the get-go, they hit it off fairly well (despite the fact that Will spooked the hell out of her when he decided to spin

Will and Kala

her around on the dance floor without first telling her what he was doing) and due to the Nightmare King fiasco as well as several incidents within that entire situation, Kala is sharing space with Will (and Wolfwood, too, though she tends to quietly tuck herself out of the way) when she's not on the Magic Bus.

Kala is still rather concerned about the state of Will's arms and hands, since he charred them fairly well fighting the Nightmare King, but maintains that he will play guitar again, given enough time to heal. Aging herself up was an attempt to stabilize her powers since she about fried Will the first time she tried to practice around him. The result was a nice set of burns for him, something that horrified her, and a lesson in stopping herself from overloading for Kala. Her concern for him extends well beyond the usual means and she went out of her way, with a bandaged and bleeding side (thanks to the manifested and very real goo-bug that stabbed her clean through the side), to find him once the immediate danger of the Nightmare King (and the ensuing City chaos) had subsided.

All in all, Will Barlow's been pretty gafting good for her and has succeeded in drawing her out of her shell pretty well. He's even gotten her to drink and dance and sing--the latter two of which were forbidden on Antedis in her province thanks to the goo-bugs. She likes him and to boot, she feels safe around him, something she hasn't felt in years.


Depending on the circumstances, she can be very quiet or very loud. Mentally, she tends to shout...kinda like someone who thinks the person they're talking to is an eighty year old who can't hear worth diddly-squat. Basically, if you're magically inclined or have telepathy, Kala will pretty much sound like she's got a megaphone. It's grating and she needs practice in shutting the hell up.

When it comes right down to it, she's loyal to a fault, duty-bound, and all around reluctant mage. Honestly, she'd rather be sipping tea with her brother on Antedis. But she's not and she's accepted that whatever life she had before isn't going to be the one she's going to live now. Farla gave her a mission and that mission was to protect people from things like Lost Logia and monsters and crap that deserve giant craters because they have eight legs and spit acidic venom, okay? Sometimes you gotta get off your ass and do the things you don't like to do if only so other people don't die. She stubborn as well and voracious when it comes to learning about magic and fighting, but extremely inexperienced in the finer points of combat. As such, she's generally a complete wreck by the end of a battle and runs her will straight through everything in her path while doing whatever she can to protect others.


At sixteen, on a distant world named Antedis, Kala Fierro was leading a relatively normal life in a rural country province. Magic was rare and existed only with a select few--those they called hedgewitches, generally healers and the like. One such witch, an elderly woman named Farla, took Kala in as a student after her father mysteriously disappeared when the girl was ten. Her eleven year old brother, along with a distant uncle, were the only ones left since her mother's death of an illness shortly after Kala's birth. As they grew older, they were allowed to run the farm they owned by themselves. It was a meager living, but they managed to keep themselves fed and a revolving set of village hands helped them along. Their relatively normal life was upended the winter Kala found out that Farla was really a mage from another world.

In the last six months before Farla's death, unborn children and their mothers had been dying. Most assumed it was evil magic or something foul in the water and they weren't far off. It was something Farla's Intelligent Device called Lost Logia. Twisting things (sentient or not) into sometimes deadly creations, those seeds were responsible for fourteen deaths. When a shadow-like creature attacked Kala and Farla at the latest victim's house, they were transported back with the creature to the same place where Farla landed nearly twenty-five years prior. The cave in which Farla and her fellow mage (who had died in the first battle against three Lost Logia monsters) had taken refuge in. Kala woke outside the cave, her head throbbing, and managed to hear Farla calling out to her telepathically. Her defense had left her dying.

Frightened beyond belief, Kala tried her best to keep her mentor alive, putting on Raging Phoenix, Farla's Intelligent Device, and even going to far as trying to heal the woman using it. She failed, but not before Farla asked Kala to complete the task she had tried to do so long ago--collect and stop the Lost Logia. Farla died a moment later and Kala was attacked by the creature that had killed the elder mage. Injured, annoyed, and still frightened, Kala managed to defeat it and seal the Lost Logia, but not until after Raging Phoenix had taken extensive damage. With communications to Farla's world cut off, there was nothing to be done and Raging Phoenix apologized for not being able to properly helpd defend her new master. Kala fell to her knees...and practically into the remains of the other mage...and found his device, Risingtide. The two devices, both damaged, decided that they needed to sync together in order to give Kala a fighting chance against the next Lost Logia they encountered.


A goo-bug! Scary!

They called it a merge, but it wasn't really one. Raging Phoenix assumed command of Risingtide's weaponry, since his higher AI functions had been nearly completely destroyed. They formed a new unit—Rising Phoenix. For the next three years, they worked on completing their task of finding and recapturing Lost Logia; a task that was terrifying in more than one respect as Kala found out she was scared of heights... and spiders (and goo-bugs, which were killing anything and everything in their path). The very last Lost Logia they collected mutated a spider into something half the size of a normal hut. After running and dodging acid spittle and webs (and getting it a few proper shots that seemed to piss it off more than hurt it), Kala called upon a new form, that of an archer's bow and arrow. The resulting explosion not only left a crater in the earth, but alerted the TSAB to her presence. Injured from the impact, Kala tried to get up to seal the spider's seed, and found a mage's boot holding her down. Audis Valia, the mage who had been sent to investigate the disturbance was particularly unhappy when Kala promptly vomited on her other boot, but sealed the spider, collected the last of the Lost Logia, and took Kala back to the flagship.

Kala spent another year retraining with the TSAB forces under Audis's advice that Kala should become part of the TSAB—despite the fact that she still almost always pukes after an air engagement. While in better command of Rising Phoenix one year later, she's got a ton of work ahead of her if she ever wants to become an Ace like Audis. And Kala's determined to do it...even if she can't hold her food down. It is at the start of her second series of training programs under Audis as a B rank mage that Kala finds herself aboard the meatship. She's got three years of bad habits to break, and at nineteen, she better break them fast.



  • Minor healing (with the occasional major once in a blue damn moon), which really doesn't work all that well, to be honest, but was leftover programming and something she was forced to adapt to since she was on the move for three years dealing with goo-bugs.

Area Search

  • location of a) magic and b) people

STAFF FORM; Device ModeEdit

  • Used for mid-range shooting; commands usually consist of phrases like "take it out" or "break it"—not very... consistent.
Cartridge Load
Obviously amps up the power, though she does need actual cartridges to do perform this particular command. Currently? She has none.
Divine Bluster (not Buster)
Not what you think it is; one of the more borked attacks, Divine Bluster uses a wind attack that is a highly focused get the hell away from me attack/defense. Forget Whirlwind (mentioned below), this will, if all else fails, shred armor and rip devices from their users. She's only used it once or twice and wound up in a crater of her own making (and unconscious, to boot). It's borked. Borked as in 'don't even think about touching that red button'.
Air Combat Mode
This is similar to Nanoha's Flier Fins, but are more like thrusters and are conical. Rising Phoenix refers to them as stabilizers as well. Kala is so completely not fond of this mode that Rising Phoenix has added the phrase: <<Prepare yourself!>> to, well, apologize.
Sealing Mode
Used to trap and seal things (or hold them).

Bow Form; most-used formEdit

Light Arrow
With Rising Phoenix in its bow form, basic attacks are energy arrows good for long to medium distance attack.
When supercharged (as in the spider incident), "SMITE" forms a large arrowlike missile that will do significant damage to one specific point (much like a lower powered Starlight Breaker, much, much lower in power)
Shatter Arrow
Finds weak points in an opponent's armor in an attempt to throw them off balance or shatter their armor entirely.
Charges and sends a rain of energy arrows to one or multiple targets. One of her most difficult attacks (and generally least successful), Kala has yet to be able to control more than three bolts, but has the potential for many more.

SWORD FORM; lesser usedEdit


Activates the sword form, used for close combat situations. This is her weakest out of all and the one she truly needs help with.
Wind Gust
Uses the blade to generate a slicing wind that aids in both repelling and ripping at armor (when done right, when it's borked--which still happens--her opponent is simply flung away), as well as (as yet unsuccessful) slicing through an opponent. This particular skill is fairly on the borked side of things as it never quite works.
  • Other sword forms may be further unlocked as time passes, thanks to Matt Olsen's Paladin training.


Barrier Armor
Her armor is white and metallic gold (after Farla's suit), sleek and efficient and highly flexible. It's cold at first and another one of those <<Prepare yourself!>> things.
Forms a barrier shield that completely envelops Kala and anyone she's holding onto.
Round Shield
Is what it sounds like, a localized, concentrated energy shield. Kala has the ability to shape her shield into different forms.


Gaft: 1. (n.) A very stupid batlike mammal that is often stupid enough that it will doggedly throw itself into harms way at any opportunity. 2. (v) gafting; stupid, moronic, or the generic work like 'fucking'--general insult or expression of surprise. e.g. "You've got to be gafting kidding me!" or "Gafting hells, you've scared the crap out of me!"

Narf: An adjoining province to Korvin, where Kala is from. Narf produces beer so bad that it's refered to as an insult, such as "narf-guzzling fool"