The following information is available to all characters via the Media Library and the omnicomms.

Friends and AlliesEdit

  • 'The Greater Interdimensional Alliance': The GIA is the largest, most influential power in the multiverse. A vast majority of "advanced" (read: having achieved interdimensional travel) societies in the multiverse are a part of the GIA, or at least affiliated with them. They are also the largest force currently combatting the Ohm threat. They consist of dozens of different races, including Humans, Skaal, Kanil, and many others. The Daligig are technically a part of the GIA as well, though they are strangely separate from the main framework of GIA society.
  • The Daligig: The race in charge of the Transmigration Project, as well as the ones responsible for the GIA's rise to power in the multiverse. Extremely mysterious, despite their supposedly benevolent intentions. They are extremely influential despite being so withdrawn. Their technology is among the most advanced in the multiverse, befitting the first species to reach interdimensional travel. While they are apparently responsible for the recent major push against the Ohm by the GIA, as well as the Crew's current situation aboard the Transmigration 9, there is still too much unknown about them to make a clear judgement as to what their true intentions are.

Foes and EnemiesEdit

  • The Ohm: The Big Bad. A massive, interdimensional threat, carving a bloody path through the multiverse for reasons as of yet unknown. From the crew's initial encounters with the Ohm, they appear to be an insectoid race with some form of hive mind. There are numerous different varieties of Ohm, each deployed en masse against their enemies with surprisingly complex coordination. They are capable of destroying whole realities through a method that is as of yet not fully understood. Their motivations are also as of yet unclear, with many wondering if they are merely mindless beasts, or something more.