Arha Masaari
Arha Masaari
LJ Userinfoladyofthesands
Fandom Dune (OC)
Away Team Romeo
Group(s) Bene Gesserit, Jedi Order
Player Kit

Arha's 'canon' pre-arrival can be found here, though included is her lifespan's timeline as it would have taken place had Stacy not rescued her. Living alone for almost a decade in the desert has proven to be a lonely venture, one that invariably forces her into seeking out as much contact in any way as she can. It has also been good for her in that she has defined herself as a person and as someone who truly enjoys life itself. Any new situation, no matter how dire or strange, is one that Arha generally meets with enthusiasm.

She is, for all intents and purposes, on the outside, a bright, cheerful, exuberant twenty-six year old woman who is frighteningly intelligent (given her Reverend Mother status), and would rather hug you than put a blade through you. That last part can switch at a moment if you're threatening her friends and those she loves. Don't piss off the Bene Gesserit-Jed-Eye, it won't be a pretty picture. Short, at five feet three inches she might be, but that doesn't mean she's at all ineffective when it comes to any sort of combat. Don't let her size fool you. She's more than capable at taking you apart, should there be need for such an uncivilized thing.

Inside, however, Arha can very much be insecure even with the full backing of her Mothers-Within. She'd deny it with her usual ferocity, but it's there past all the layers and layers and walls she puts up. She has a habit of not watching when she's projecting through the Force, but tends to shut up once it's pointed out. In combat situations, however, she'll instinctively clamp down on that leakage.

Game History and Notable Crewmates Edit

Upon her podpop, Arha Masaari was still recovering from the effects of her Spice Agony and was taken in by Sheeana Brugh. She also met Ghanima Atreides as well, though her contact with the woman of late has been fleeting to say the least. As far as Atreides go, Arha tends to keep her distance since a Sharing with Sheeana led Arha to see her death would come at the hands of Muad'dib's son, Leto II. It has been an uneasy thing to live with and frequently haunts her. Restoring her universe would possibly mean that she would have to die in order for Sheeana's lineage to continue as Arha is a distant piece of that puzzle. Sheeana, Arha learned, was her descendant from more than five thousand years in the future.* Arha also learned that her beloved desert world was destroyed by the Honored Matres, a neo-Bene Gesserit-like force that had begun to sweep through the known universe.

It wasn't a kind revelation, but it was the truth.

The podpop after her own was interesting only for the fact that she met her first Jed-Eye, Luke Skywalker. It was through him that Arha first touched the Force, and their relationship flirted with something deeper for awhile before friendship was finally decided upon. It changed nothing, really, for Arha, who maintained the same level of intensity for the man as ever. It's not something she'll readily admit, but from Luke came her complete and utter trust (and love) of Jed-Eye. It's among the reasons why she a) sought out Obi-Wan Kenobi when he podpopped, b) pledged her water to defend and keep Mara Jade safe (though the woman doesn't need it) and c) why Qui-Gon Jinn found himself with an armful of pleased Arha Masaari when he podpopped.*

Mara Jade, the future wife of Luke Skywalker, came from a place in time where they were not involved to that degree. Arha treats her as if she were already bound to Luke in such a manner, though she makes no overt assumptions. What the woman does is her business after all. She likes Mara Jade and whatever pangs of stupidity arise are quickly smashed down. The fact is, Mara's pretty damned awesome as a warrior and someone who has quickly become a friend. Arha is as much a protector as she is that friend and would, no doubt, do everything necessary to keep Mara safe (something she'd do as much for Mara herself as for Luke). Whatever the future brings, Arha intends to see Mara in it. Woe to the idiot who tries anything around her Jed-Eye or those her Jed-Eye love.

Arha has been through much with 'her Jed-Eye'. Most notably, she was formally introduced to the Force (informally by Luke, who first helped her touch it)—and connected permanently with it as a Force user—by Obi-Wan Kenobi during the Yeerk Trial aftermath in which he was wounded by a Garou named Bella. It took that powerful connection through Obi-Wan to allow Arha to heal him, and the results were better than even she expected. Her connection to Obi-Wan became much stronger than even she thought possible and it may be that she can actually locate him over a great distance now, though that has yet to be put to the test. It also opened up more than a few other possibilities between the two. One such was the padawan/master relationship. Since her healing, Arha has been working away at harnessing the Force as a Jed-Eye and with a great deal of unceasing dedication, has proved herself worthy of building a lightsaber—one she has just completed.

She has also become quite attached to Obi-Wan, especially after the Artificial Intelligence named Hal unleashed a wave of zombies on their crewmates trapped in the city. Fighting alongside Obi-Wan until the point at which they Obi-Wan (Clone Wars Era) were basically functioning on sheer willpower alone found them, at the end of the madness, crashed out in the same bed. At some point after that, Arha simply stayed in his bed and hasn't bothered to move back to her own. She finds it comforting and Obi-Wan hasn't asked her to leave, so...she hasn't. There has been something of an unofficial, unspoken, but nontheless real declaration that they are a couple, though it's probably best if no one mentionted that.



After a serious examination of their relationship, its effects, and Arha's training, Obi-Wan and Arha have decided to discontinue their relationship. It was an awkward ending of things, but done in a manner that was quiet and befitting of two Jed-Eye. Arha moved into the City in order to give Obi-Wan space--she is still his paddyone, of course.

Arha, being Arha, found herself in the company of Kyle Katarn. They have seem to hit it off spectacularly and are currently exploring that relationship.


Especially to the now podpopped Qui-Gon Jinn (who has probably noticed anyway because he is observant and not a stupid man). Arha's had several interesting conversations with the man and hopes to have many more. She finds him about as fascinating as she finds every Jed-Eye. And he can use hugs. Hell, everyone can use hugs. *

Arha met Roxie Schreiber a few times in passing before the zombie incident found her seeking out the girl as she'd given one of her crysknives to Luke Skywalker (an act that was far more than just giving him a backup weapon) and needed something to agument her lack of dual weapons. Roxie let Arha use Oct-o-Pooze, a gauntlet-like weapon that might Roxie actually be alive in some repsects. Arha and the weapon took a shine to each other and she has been given permission to keep it for now as she has more than decent control over its abilities. Roxie is also studying Arha...and experimenting on her. Arha? Is fascinated by the things this not-so-normal girl can do and therefore has decided that so long as she's not killed, the experiments may provide her with interesting answers to what Arha really is. *

Aeneas, the non-human who helped Arha find parts of her lightsaber, is another friend of Arha's who is noteworthy as the two 'shared' underneath the forced mistletoe that GlaDos had trapped Arha under. She finds him particularly fascinating and a worthy friend.

Alia Atreides's first meeting with Arha was...unpleasant, not to mention awkward as hell. To boot, the woman has attached herself to Obi-Wan, a fact that Arha is desperately trying to ignore. Jealousy isn't supposed to flare up in a Jed-Eye, right? Right. One of these days, though, Arha's not going to be able to hold it in and will snap. Perhaps something workable may occure, but for now, Arha's nursing her wounds and telling herself Alia is crazy so it shouldn't matter.*

Jamie McCrimmon is another person Arha met via the mistletoe and Jamiecourtesy of GlaDos (who needs to be smacked). They had an interesting discussion about Bene Gesserits and restoring or not restoring the Universe-ending memories the Daligig took from them. He's quiet, something Arha appreciates and seems intelligent, though he needs a bit of confidence in himself.

Kyle Katarn wound up with an armful of Arha on arrival, and as usual, she didn't show restraint when it came to finding Jed-Eye. Perhaps she's overenthusiastic about it, but each Jed-Eye who pops their pod is one more of an Order that definitely needs more members on the meatship. Restraint? Pft. Why be restrained when you're overjoyed at each addition? In any case, Arha welcomed Kyle in her own fashion, with plenty of warmth and joy. That persisted when he began to teach her more advanced tyles of lightsaber combat--and resulted in a proper draw when their first sparring session came to an end. After another training session (this by herself in the sensoriums), Arha sought to nurse her sore muscles in a hot spring. Kyle came along looking for a sparring session to find Arha sitting at the edge of the pool--without a stitch on.

There was pelnty of conversation (and eye-aversion), and Kyle eventually kissed Arha. That lead to other things that included bed-warming in the City. They are currently attempting to figure out, well, themselves in the middle of this war.

  • * player/character has left the game, while these incidents have happened, the character has been 'deleted' from Arha's memory, only physical things (like Roxie's Oct-o-pooze) remain.