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Level Four, also known as the City largely consists of abandoned alien architecture and memorial buildings. Some, oddly, look like they have human designs, from various parts of the world, from various worlds. An artificial sun is overhead, casting light down on the city, and there's a holographic projection of a cloudy, deep blue sky. Occasionally, it's cloudy and the sun doesn't follow a standard 24-hour day-cycle, so expect several sunrises and sunsets a day. Rain also happens on occasion, and although there is a small amount of flora, especially around the river, and a small pack of stray alien dogs, it's largely... lifeless. The transport tubes are at the city's center and go all the way up to the ceiling, to the top-level Living Area.

Not everything in the City has been discovered - with an area of such size, there are inevitably still many secrets to discover. (Note: all buildings marked with "UNDISCOVERED" in their header have yet to be found, and may be discovered by characters)

 !The Map Edit

CityMap Large v1

The City (full)

These maps are to be edited as new locations are found: the first map represents the entire city, which is largely unexplored and about the size of Rhode Island (approximately 15mi x 67mi, or 24km x 108km). The second map represents the area which the crew has explored and is actively using and wandering about in. It's about the size of Portland (approximately 5mi x 29mi, or 8km x 18km).

The City (explored)

To see the maps at full size, click on the 'view photo details' in the bottom right-hand corner. Then, click on the image to bring it up to fill size. And yes, the maps are not to scale. They're more of a rough guide.

Editing the map:

Currently, the full map is at version 1, while the explored map is at version 4. If you have photoshop (or other image editing program that can open .psd files), you can edit the map directly from the .psd file. The font used is Verdana, with size 12 for structures and size 14 with small caps for significant areas.

Atelier ElricEdit

A vaguely European appearance dots this building with a sign out front that hangs reading Atelier Rorona, and in the front window there sits a sign reading "Atelier Elric, come in for assistance". On the inside, it is made up of two major rooms. The first room is the main workshop, consisting of a bookcase, shelves dotting the room with a huge cauldron with a non-existent fire under it. A well-slept on couch sitting next to the wall facing away from the door is there, and the carpet still exists in this building as well as various glass vials. Dotting the walls are dozens of alchemy circles drawn on poster board and tacked up there by Ed. The back room is simply a bedroom, one that Ed keeps closed out of respect for the previous owners as it is clearly a girls room, or at least a mature young woman's even with a lack of furnishings other than a rather large and well-slept in bed and a closet lacking clothing save for an adorable dress and shawl with hat. Atelier Elric serves as a place where ship members can get small things repaired or made. Nothing too big since they have to provide the materials themselves but since the proprietor has a large stash of rubble tucked away from the on-ship battles that he can transmute, the wave of trinkets and necklaces and other things seem endless. Ed also holds a few of his alchemy lessons in the workshop when he isn't using Hydroponics for large-scale transmuations.

Currently unmanned since Ed Elric was repodded, the building is in the ownership of his roommates from the W.I.T.C.H. Bus.

Atori TeahouseEdit

A small teashop with attached apartment, this was the home and meeting place for Ren Akiyama and his allies in Kamen Rider Ryuki. Now, Ren has just the memories and a lot of tea. Please note: they only have black tea, no coffee.

Awesome WorldEdit

Built by Rock Light and a horde of robots, this amusement park is a testament to his need to make people happy. Taking the ruins of a former amusement park, he has refurbished and built new rides in it. There's always some ride under construction, though construction is limited by his short attention span and lack of building materials. A group of dedicated robots can be seen tending to the park's every needs. Each ride is attended by a robot designed with the same abilities and appearance as the Robot Masters, but without the complex AIs. They are merely ordinary robots that are programmed to care for the park, make sure the rides are in working order, and ensure that everyone stays safe. They have a rudimentary personality installed, but lack the capability to make complex decisions outside of their authority range. They are bound by Asimov's Three Laws of Robotics, but their ultimate authority falls under Rock.

Currently, there is a wooden roller coaster, attended by Woodman, a funhouse attended by Clownman, a Ferris Wheel attended by Starman, bumper cars attended by Turboman, a drop tower attended by Crashman, and a Gravitron attended by Topman. There are assorted other attractions, such as a dunk tank occupied by Bubbleman, a zero-gravity ball-pit attended by Gravityman, a high striker attended by Gutsman, a shooting gallery run by a Sniper Joe, or a daily magic show from Magicman. Astroman is supposed to be in charge of showing people around the park, but someone keeps stealing his balls, so he spends most of his time asking others if they've seen them.

Ben 10,000 HQEdit

A towering spire of technological magnificence, it is a sort of watchtower designed to keep tabs on the world. Serves as both a headquarters for Ben 10,000 and his group of friends and allies, it hails from the presumed-aborted timeline of Ben 10. Devlin Levin calls it home, as he lives there with his adopted father, family and brother back when the worlds were intact. Currently it hosts damage from a confrontation and Ben being kind of a oblique jerk during one of Devlin's angst sessions, as a statue of him in his 10,000 age is missing its head, courtesy of a rather annoyed Gwen Tennyson. The building itself is intact, right down to the sub-basement where Ben 10,000 kept some rather dangerous things during his tenure.

Big Ben / Palace of Westminster (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

The stately Palace of Westminster and its famous clocktower, Big Ben.


Camelot is the famous home of Prince King Arthur. The (Undiscovered) London Eye is right outside the front.

Cassie's House & The BarnEdit

From appearances, this is just an ordinary farmhouse and barn. But in the Animorph's universe, this house (and particularly the barn), have become the stuff of legend, as the place where the Animorphs held their meetings and planned their attacks against the Yeerks. On Stacy, Cassie's House has become the home of the Animorphs (and some of their family).

  • Cassie's Parent's Room: Uninhabited
  • Cassie's Room: Uninhabited
  • Guest Bedroom: Eva. Since moving in, she's filled the room with stacks and stacks of books.
  • Mysterious Older Sibling Room: Rachel
  • The Attic: Marco. Also the home of the mass amount of junk that Marco has managed to amass somehow, and a bunch of Star Wars posters. That Jake and Marco drew themselves before Jake was repodded (What, they couldn't find any actual posters, so obviously they had to make them!).
  • The Barn: Ax

There may or may not be a secret stash of cinnamon hidden somewhere in the house and barn.

Castle OblivionEdit

Standing alone in a place most people couldn't find or reach, sits Castle Oblivion. Discovered but not really documented during the battle with KAIN, Castle Oblivion holds many secrets, and numerous protections currently undone by Keyblade Master Aqua in an effort to aid Sasami. The building itself consists of thirteen floors and twelve basements, and only Aqua has the capability to successfully navigate the structure in order to undo the secrets that keep this once-proud castle together. Within it, lays a special chamber known as the Chamber of Waking, where Ventus was placed once before, before the arrival of the Ohm. Now, it lays dormant, silent, and once more sinking into the background of everyone's memory.

Castle WyvernEdit

(description please)

Celena's LairEdit

In the midst of the city not far north of the park one of the local dragons, Celena, has seen fit to shape her lair out of the upper levels of one of the many tall alien towers in the city, one of if not the tallest building in the City after coming across it damaged not long before her arrival. Converting the damaged sections into a number of open rooms, with trips from hydroponics she has created a veritable small garden in one of the rooms, using the various plants to brighten the area and has even set up a small pool of water off to one side.

Other sections of the lair contain areas for her various projects, from the construction of crystal based devices to more mundane technological ones, as well as raw materials and the like, sitting rooms and other various rooms.

In order for the ordinary person to get to the lair there are either stairs within the building itself or an air lift that she has ensured is working properly. Otherwise one could always ask the dragoness herself for a lift.

Citadel of KandrakarEdit

A massive palace-like structure belonging to the Council of Kandrakar and its Oracle that, before the Ohm attacked, resided in the center of its universe, Kandrakar. Beyond the Council room, the only other known room in this massive structure is the room holding the Aurameres, the power source for the Guardians of the Infinite Dimensions/W.I.T.C.H. It is currently unknown if its still there and their state.

The Clockhouse Edit

It's barely more than a rust-colored shack, but it's there. Crouched between two much larger buildings, it spills a very faint ticking through its open doors. The inside of the shack is a single room with all four walls covered floor to ceiling with different clocks and alien timepieces. On all the Earth clocks, every hand is still, frozen just shy of three o'clock. The ticking comes from a round platform that swivels slowly back and forth in the center of the room. A crescent-shaped array rises from the platform, allowing just enough space for a person to stand on the platform with it. The array is dominated by a white clock face, blank with the exception of a single black line at the twelve-position. The hour hand on this clock is just short of three, the minute hand ticks back and forth without ever touching the 12-hour mark, and matches the rotation of the platform. To open the Pool: Step up onto the swiveling platform. As the hand ticks its way around the face clockwise, the platform will rotate so that you start facing towards the open door. When the hand is at 59 minutes and about to start ticking back counter-clockwise, push it instead to the hour mark. All of the clocks on the walls will click to three o'clock, the platform stops turning and the doors to the building will slam shut. Turn around and there is a square opening in the wall about three feet on each side. It's the source of the only light in the room. Stoop to enter the opening, and the tunnel it leads to is no taller, but is only a few feet long. This leads down a steep, gravelly walkway to a a large, circular room with a domed ceiling. The ceiling is the source of the light, and the room is dominated by a murky pool, with some sort of massive generator crashed into it. There's the smell of something dank and rotting. There are cages around the edges, with more than enough space to hold the entire crew. Two piers poke out into the pool, they look like a good place to sit and enjoy the light. Come, sit... [Update (4/17/09): Or not. This whole area is blocked off with giant chunks of stone up in the clockhouse. It takes someone being willing to blast through or lift them out of the way for your character to visit, and the older crew members will tell you the whole place is baaad news].

The Command CenterEdit

(description please)

The Daily PlanetEdit

One of the premere newspapers on New Earth/Earth-0/Earth-DC/whatever. Based in Metropolis, its golden Saturn-like globe made its headquarters one of the biggest things to stand out in the city. It is also the workplace for one Clark Kent. Amongst the quiet computers and printing presses are the various major headlines that adorn some of the hallways, noting the various adventures of Superman - from his arrival to One Year Later.

Daja's ForgeEdit

This old cottate might just look like your average random house that Stacy's picked from who knows where, but the smoke that can often be seen billowing out from its chimney suggests its true purpose as a working forge. Daja was the one to find and fix up the forge and is the current owner, although for a while when Daja was away running mazes with GLaDOS, Dustin took it over. Inside are two sections: the first being what would have once been the living space for any smiths who lived here before. Daja's cleaned these rooms up of dust and mess, and she's in the process of making them more livable for herself. Most of the furniture is gone, and much of the space has been devoted to storing finished projects or as yet unused materials. The important part of the building, however, is the forge itself. This is where all of the tools Daja needs for her trade are kept, as is the fire that she uses to heat and work her metals.

The Drunken Dragon Tavern Edit

Basically, it looks like the typical medieval tavern, because it is. Real deal, folks. When Kang, Kaylee or Nima isn’t there, the door is securely locked.

Above the door and on top of the roof of the Drunken Dragon hangs the immense wooden dragon that is its namesake; it is an exact replica of the dragon built during the Battle of Maranta's Fort, with old sword blades for teeth and dinner platters for eyes. It looks rather silly, actually, but it's supposed to. Inside the tavern there are hand-crafted wooden tables, chairs, stools, and bench seats (extremely similar to these), noticably designed for people that are a little larger than the average human, and in the center is a raised stage, for stories and songs to be told. Completely covering one of the walls is a mural of a battle that shows a scene of draconians fighting off hobgoblins storming a fort while a gold dragon flies overhead; a draconian that looks suspiciously like Kang stands atop the fortress walls. One of the other walls features a large, working stone fireplace, though it is rarely used due to the temperature on Stacy. All drinks are served in wooden or clay mugs.

It's a decently-sized building, but it's not huge. The ceiling's only about 18 feet at its highest point, and the main room has roughly the same floor space as, say, one of the screening rooms of a medium-sized movie theater. Electricity has been installed, and the fixtures are medieval in design to keep the feel of the place - pendant lamps and wall sconces.

Rhiow has made herself a fairly regular sight, on the end of the bar. Don't be surprised to see her eating an entire fish raw on occasion, or napping.

The kitchen is simple, with pots sitting inside two brick fireplaces and hanging along the walls, and a few utensils scattered atop one of the tables. There's also a small bread oven. A side room, away from the fireplaces and the oven, contains several large kegs stacked on top of each other, and some small stores of different dried meats.

No food is currently served, despite the presence of the kitchen.

Kang's commandeered one of the buildings next to the tavern, using it for additional storage and alcohol production. He and Kaylee are the only ones with access to it.

IMPORTANT NOTE 1: If you are around the human equivalent of 15 or older, and you ask for alcohol, you will get it. He does not card, and he does not understand why the legal age is 21 on most versions of Earth.

IMPORTANT NOTE 2: Anyone that starts causing trouble in the tavern will be tossed out on their ass. Literally. So, uh, no fights, and no property damage without asking Kang-mun first, plz.

AVAILABLE DRINKS: Ale, beer, cider (alcoholic and non), mead, a few different fruit juices, and water (from the river). There's no ice, or refridgeration, and none of the drinks are heated; everything is served at room temperature. There is a fair amount of various fruit wines and vodka left, from what Mei-Xing brewed.

Eiffel Tower (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

The Eiffel Tower is the famous French iron lattice tower.

Faron Spring Edit

A small, natural spring filled with blue-green water. Touching it makes one feel at peace, as if your worries were draining away. It's surrounded by shade-giving trees. Grass and bell-like white flowers grows on the bank.

The Four Gates Edit

Around the perimeter of the city are four massive gates, almost forming the points of a compass with the transport tubes at the city's center. One looks beautiful, and is covered with golden filigree and almost angelic-looking alien figures. Directly across from it, on the other side of the city is a more sinister-looking gate. Another gate is one that's made of a mass of swirling branches, the tree of knowledge, a golden apple dangling from its branches, around which is coiled a serpent. Across from that gate, on the other side of the city is this gate. All of them are shut tight.

The Game RoomEdit

Outside of a comfortably sized building - orignially found onboard the Kukai Foundation's appropriately named flagship, the Durandal - is an eye-catching blue sign, with the simple yet concise words of "GAME ROOM" in cyan (picture). Inside is a miniature casino, intended to let it's original crew relax and have some fun on their missions. Upon walking in, there are a few slot machines lined up across the bright blue, slightly furutistic-looking walls to the left. Against the wall directly across from the entrance is an arcade game, called "A.G.W.S. Battle." This is a 3D mecha battle game, offering different sets of various equipment and offering both single and two player modes (video). To the right of the entrance is a small staircase leading up to a large, rounded table: a poker table to be exact. Decked out with, well, decks of cards and betting chips, it's all prepared for a friendly game. Of course, nobody's forced to use the chips, if crewmembers want to bet something else to raise the stakes, nothing's stopping them. (picture 1, picture 2)

Gotham Clock TowerEdit

(description please)

Grand Central StationEdit

New York's Grand Central train station. Rhiow makes it her personal mission to look after the station, as it was her workplace on her version of Earth. The fact that it's so empty unsettles her a little, so she patrols the perimeter of the complex every once in a while and then leaves.

The facade of Grand Central Station was damaged by Aang during the final battle with the Nightmare King, when he was in the Avatar state. Over the course of the year since Rhiow has enlisted the help of her friends on the ship to repair the facade to its former state. The only sign that it was ever broken is a seam around the neck of the statue of Hermes, where his head was blown off.

Although she no longer considers the building to be her home as it was when she first arrived on the ship, Rhiow will sometimes spend nights there and is very protective of it. The train through the City makes a stop there as well. Additionally, the famous Oyster Bar has survived, although Rhiow hasn't seen the need to notify anyone of it, since they already have the Drunken Dragon.

Great Wall of ChinaEdit

A portion of it, at least. As the wall is surrounded by lots of large alien skyscrapers and other structures, it's difficult to see until you're right next to it.

One part of the wall has taken some damage - from above, it appears as if there's a crater right in the middle of the wall. Most of the damage was done to the floor, although some of it has also touched the sides.

Hiccup's ForgeEdit

(description please)

Hikari StudioEdit

(description please)

Howard and Albert's WarehouseEdit

A large house with a couch out front and too many locks on all the doors. Howard Bassem and Albert Hillsborough live here and do their salvage business, which mostly involves dragging things from abandoned buildings into one place, organizing them and sometimes refurbishing them. They give away all manner of belongings here in exchange for good favor. The building itself was previously owned by someone exceedingly paranoid, so hidden passages and compartments abound, including a secret basement accessible only by crawling through the kitchen cabinets. Howard and Albert haven't found every hidden room in the house yet.

Juraian Royal PalaceEdit

The home of the Royal Family of the planet Jurai, it also doubles as the home to crewmember Sasami Masaki Jurai. Outside, the Palace is actually a massive tree many stories high, with a number of its branches sporting landing pads for spacecraft. On the inside are the usual decorations for royalty (or at least the closest it could get). Within the center of the palace is its council room, where the king and the councilmembers reside. The room and many hallways still bear battle scars from where Tenchi Masaki and the human forms of Azaka and Kamidake staged a rescue attempt, taking down Kagato and rescuing Sasami's sister, Ayeka. The palace currently has a number of rooms filled, two of them belonging to two repodded crewmates - Paula and Koishi. The only other crewmate that resides here currently is Starfire, though Sasami's willing to welcome anyone else if they wish.

The Labyrinth Edit

There is a gate, made of stone and winding branches, in the shade of the Garibah tree, it seems like the light just can't reach here. There's darkness among the stone walls of the maze, but it’s a darkness borne of fog and mist, swirling around in a rather uncanny fashion, perhaps the effects of the warm moisture in the ship when mixed with the cold stone, condensing. The darkness is old, old darkness, but not terrible, not frightening. This is a wild place, but not necessarily a dangerous one. The labyrinths winds and winds and goes on for ages, and in some places, plants and woody vines grow from the cracks in the stones, helping form the walls of the maze. When one finally reaches the center, there is a wide hole in the ground, and stairs that wind down in a spiral into it, and at the bottom… Nothing. There is just an empty, circular room with mossy walls, circular patterns carved into the floor with stones put into place in seemingly random patterns, and nothing more. But there is a sense that there is something here, old and powerful and unseen.

Leaning Tower of Pisa (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

It is a Tower from Pisa. It leans.

Le PrefectureEdit

This famous French building is where the Council meets to discuss important issues, and also the location of the offices of several of the councilmembers.

Lex Luthor's MansionEdit

(description please)


A giant Ferris wheel which was officially known as the Merlin Entertainments London Eye, the London Eye is located right outside of the (undiscovered) Camelot. No, really.

Lord Zedd's PalaceEdit

Originally the palace of the evil Rita Repulsa on the moon, Lord Zedd transformed it into his own palace once he took over and remained that way afterwards. Not much is known about what resides in Zedd's palace outside of Finster's old monster making room.

Masaki HomeEdit

One part of the combined Masaki Shrine grounds from Sasami's home, this house is situated near the Kohaku River, a deck/dock extended into it. Originally just a normal family home, the house was destroyed after Mihoshi Kuramitsu crash-landed her shuttle into and was rebuilt to handle the extra load of a bunch of beautiful alien girls. Sasami, after regaining her memories, reclaimed this house and refurbished it during her time on XaXing.

The only thing different about it is that the closet door leading into Washu's labs is sealed off.

MC Escherville Edit

There is an area where the buildings just stop making sense. Gravity seems to start going against its own rules. If you walk long enough, it almost seems that you might be getting somewhere, that something...something is calling out to you. The air grows colder, the halls and stairs you walk get darker. You can follow whatever's calling, or follow your instincts and run from it, back into the light. Your call.

Update (4/17/09)
This is another area that's been blocked off with large chunks of stone.
Update (2/1/10)
The work of Roxie Schreiber, the Seer's assistant drone, and other mystically inclined members of the crew has lead to a complex array of magical wardings being placed around this area, in some cases even carved into the streets themselves and the surrounding buildings. For all that it seems like the effects of the being bound here have continued unabated, one can only imagine how much worse things would be without this work to dampen it.

If you follow the winding way, spiraling down into darkness, you'll find the following:

The Cathedral Edit

It lies in its own pocket dimension, where the sky is yellow-gray, and the land in the distance is a great sweeping expanse that nothing can return from, where those who wander off would likely walk endlessly without dying, until their minds twist to madness and they squirm like limpid things through the craggy stones, until they become the dark things that lurk in this place. There are nasty creatures that fly through the air, huge, scaly, and birdlike, with batlike wings, slimy skin, and two strong talons.

Cquote1 They were not any birds or bats known elsewhere on earth or in dreamland, for they were larger than elephants and had heads like a horse's. Carter knew that they must be the shantak-birds of ill rumour, and wondered no more what evil guardians and nameless sentinels made men avoid the boreal rock desert. Cquote2
H. P. Lovecraft, The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath

The building, from the outside, looks almost like a large, techno-organic cathedral with a design similar to that used in most of the structures in the city. It has a tall, steeple roof with large, buttress-like growths supporting it from the sides. Like most of the structures, it has numerous techno organic faces and statues adorning the outside. However, upon closer inspection, one will notice the gargoyle-like structures seem to be even more frightening than the sculptures one would normally find throughout the ship, seemingly keeping watch of passers by with their piercing eyes. While upon first glance the building might look like it was meant (and failed) to be some sort of holy place, upon entering through the massive pair of doors at the front, it is obvious it is anything but. Those with a sense of the supernatural will immediately notice a horrifying feeling emanating from the entire structure. Even those without such a sense will notice something is definitely not right when they see the numerous Cthulian-esque sigils and statues adorning the walls of the building. Within the building are various creatures, initially invisible to the naked eye. They hide in corners and angles and spirals in the walls. Some take the forms of statues, that move when one turns away, and stay perfectly still when a visitor's gaze is turned on them--weeping angels that hide their faces from view. There are swirling marks carved along the floors, leading visitors to the center, where lays perhaps the most peculiar part of the entire place.

There is an actual pure stone platform which seems out of place in the techno-organic ship. Upon the platform stands a large stone block which looks like it may have been pulled from Stonehenge, and covered with numerous chains of differing metals and papers covered in unintelligible writings. In front of the block is a simple altar, covered with many multicolored stains (some of which are undeniably blood) and bits of numerous human and alien skeletons strewn about. When Stacy travels through the Bleed, the lights and colors are the stars and planets and dimensional energies of worlds she's passing by--the Bleed itself is empty, the emptiest space that could ever be. This stone is blacker than that void between the worlds, and no reflection can be seen on it, any light that shines on it disappears. In a room off to the side of this grotesque chamber is another room where research once took place. Computers and equipment that do not belong here are set up, as well as rows and rows of vials that are stained with a dried brown substance that might be blood.

Against the wall here is a sarcophagus, a great and horrible device, that contains a destructive force within. The arms and legs of the casket are covered in designs denoting different arcane elements, one on each limb. The eyes of the casket occasionally open to allow a bright, piercing glow through--and this light is one of the only things that can cause some of the servants in this place to freeze in their tracks. Marks on the casket match some of the marks on the sigils and seals around the black stone. Occasionally, there come the horrible pounding sounds of this being trying to claw its way free. Both beings want to be freed, and both beings want to destroy one another. One tries to free itself by the temptation of others, the other tries to do this by force, and waits for the curiosity of someone else to lead to its release. Freeing either being will lead to great destruction, but freeing the right one could aid in their survival--provided they choose wisely.

Update (4/14/10) Both beings have been awakened. One was the Avatar, Aang, and the other was the Nightmare King, who spread his horrific influence across the crew. After a long, tiring battle, he was eventually sealed and launched into the black hole, the Cathedral destroyed, and the pocket dimension it rested in has been closed.

Mei-Xing's HomeEdit

Constructed over the period of several months by Mei-Xing, Kang, and a group of elementals, Mei-Xing's home is a large quartet of buildings built in the Siheyuan style. The southernmost structure is a well-furnished place, with plenty of seats, tables, and things such as tapestries and suits of armor that she 'liberated' from several abandoned homes. Most crewmembers will only get to enter this area. The northernmost building is her own living space, much more plushly furnished than the guest area, with a large area set aside for whatever interests catch her eye. The western building is where she keeps her magical texts and alchemical tools, and the eastern building is entirely empty. In the courtyard, there is the beginnings of a garden, with a hole intended for a pond near the south. The entire area is keyed perfectly to the principles of feng shui, and one gets good vibes just by being near it. On the astral plane, however, it's a seemingly impenetrable complex, Mei-Xing's home is also her hermetic lodge, with both astral and physical barriers in place to ward off unwanted guests and spells.

Outsiders HQ Edit

About a click outside Escherville is a Marriot Hotel, of all things. In the Courtyard is a large block of stone with a message painted on it with spraypaint. It's red with black outline.


This hotel is the location of Outsiders HQ, a community group of teenagers on the ship trying to give one another peer support. The hotel has an indoor pool, and meeting rooms for the group, but the beds are all devoid of sheets, so you're better off sleeping in the crew quarters.


The Pentagon is the headquarters of the United States Department of Defense. Well, it was, before the Ohm went and destroyed the United States.

Perdido Cliffs and MineshaftEdit

The infamous bluffs of Perdido where Orsay the Prophetess spoke her gospel and Mary's Big Jump occurred, and the Mineshaft where the Darkness lives. The cliffs are only sixty feet high or so, still a significant drop. The mineshaft is a little to their left, identifiable mostly as a hole in the ground with some wooden framework. Approach, though, and you will feel a very tangible sense of fear. The mineshaft has yet to be explored all the way to the bottom.

The Precinct Edit

This is a very large alien police precinct that would give One Police Plaza in NYC a run for its money. It's obviously meant to be police headquarters for an entire city. The Precinct has quite a few jail cells--some of which are reinforced with shielding and power dampeners for metas, an armory, an evidence lockup, interrogation rooms, meeting rooms, and quite a few offices and rooms full of desks for everyday police work.

The Precinct Armory Edit

Some of the weapons, artillery, and ammunition from the Main Armory can be moved by Stacy to the Precinct Armory, as well as small enclaves scattered throughout the ship. This can be authorized by Command Officers and high-ranking Security Officers. This Armory is very secure, and can only be accessed with voice recognition and other biometric methods of identification. While a character's individual weapons are usually granted to them when they first start out, any power suits or the like will likely be stored in this armory in between missions--at least if the individual allows it.

The... Public Bathroom? Edit

There is a small square hall, that inexplicably looks like an Earth public restroom scrawled in graffiti. It is a functional restroom, although the last stall has "out of order" scrawled on the door, along with a biohazard sign holographically branded on it. Is it just a public restroom? Is it functional modern art? Who knows. All that's certain is the two-ply constantly refreshes itself somehow and the sinks have fresh running water.

Religion Row Edit

There are separate churches, temples, and mosques for most of the religions of the world, for most worlds, primarily ones noteworthy for their religion. The Dome of the Rock, The Temple Mount, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the Parthenon, the Maha Bodhi Temple, the Sriranganathar Temple--if there's an Earth religion for it, there is a place of worship. The same goes for any world's religions. There is a large temple made out of many living trees intertwined, replete with artificial sunlight filtering through the branches, a temple to the Small Gods, and so on. And a clearing, with growing grass and a single tall, blue tree, the Garibah tree, almost perfectly symmetrical in form. There is a vague intelligence to it. It acknowledges the presence of people in the clearing and matches emotion with emotion. Sometimes, over days and days and days it can formulate single words in thoughtspeak. There are a LOT of places of worship in the city. For whatever your character's religion, there is likely at least a small worship place of some kind, or a big one, and as more characters with different religions join the game, we'll add more descriptions of specific temples. These temples may not have necessarily been brought for the characters, however. It's entirely possible they're part of a collection.

Angkor WatEdit

Angkor Wat is the largest religious structure on Earth, but not on Stacy. The barrays (artificial reservoirs) that once surrounded it have been replaced by the river itself, making it its own little island. The bridges are intact, connecting it to the banks of the river, and the native plantlife is present, including the strangler figs slowly dismantling the architecture.

Citadel of Light (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

Nine domes, or lyceums, made of blue crystal and connected to each other via a pair of hallways surround what was once a hedge maze, with three rings and a small pond; the maze itself is burned down nearly to the root, though the flora is beginning to grow back, slowly. In the center is the Silver Stair, once only visible in the artificial moonlight. On Stacy, however, it is fully visible at all times. The stair itself is suspended in the air, spiraling up, and ends abruptly a few feet from the ceiling of the City. It appears delicate and has no railing.

Egyptian and Mayan Pyramids (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

Two periods from two cultures that never met stand side by side - from Egypt, the Great Pyramid of Giza, and from Mayan civilisation the Pyramid of Kukulkan.

Light's Hope ChapelEdit

A small church surrounded by a low fence and the beginnings of a fortress wall, Light's Hope Chapel was the Argent Dawn's base of operations in the Eastern Kingdoms during Azeroth's great war with the Lich King. Beneath the chapel is a large catacomb which contains the interrred remains of hundreds of the Light's champions who fell battling the Scourge. These bodies were unearthed and moved from locations around Azeroth to the holy ground beneath the chapel in order to prevent them being raised as members of the Scourge themselves.

Meiji ShrineEdit

The Meiji Shrine is a Japanese Shinto Shrine, dedicated to the spirits of Emperor Meiki and his wife, the Empress Shōken. The grounds have been left to grow at will, but a small group of Japanese led by Miku Hinasaki have overseen the clean up process. The main temple complex is currently as clean as it can be without them entering the inner shrine.


The Notre Dame de Paris is a famous Gothic Parisian Cathedral.

The Parthenon (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

The Parthenon is the famous Greek temple dedicated to the goddess Athena. However, while to the memory of many of Stacy's crew the Parthenon was a ruin, here it exists in all it's former glory.

The Plant TempleEdit

A temple found by Bella and One-Leaf-Ear. Formerly an intricately designed temple woven from one giant living plant with unseen roots. The original temple died and has regrown as a much more wild thing, a loose dome of woody branches that shields a small grassy field that is home to several very large, unopened flower buds.

It feels alive here.

The Shrine of the AquillaEdit

This ancient and gothic looking temple comes from Brother Cargn Thane's world. It is rather large and imposing, which appears to be an intended feature of its design. Above the entrance is a huge, twin-headed golden eagle statue, the eyes of its left head wrapped with ancient parchment. Inside, the walls depict numerous battles between golden armored warriors and horned daemons. Along the edges of the temple, numerous smaller shrines house the bones of ancient saints. At the rear of the temple, behind where the massive marble altar stands, stands a 30 foot tall statue of the Immortal Emperor of Mankind, the rather imposing figure of worship of the Imperial Cult, to which the shrine is dedicated. The shrine is looked over by Brother Cargn Thane, who makes his residence inside it. He can often be found there, occasionally giving lessons to his pupil Miku.

Stonehenge (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

Stonehenge is a circular setting of standing stones, believed to be a place of great religious significance - a theory which perhaps its presence on Religion Row supports.

Swift Death of Eight Wings Battlefield Shrine (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

A bullet and blast-marked brick wall, tucked incongruously between two temples much larger and grander. On it is marked four overlapping great arcs in blue chalk, in the shape of wings. Around the arcs are the names of alien mercenaries, written in chalk or blood.

Temple of Small Gods (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

The Temple of Small Gods was an important landmark in the city of Ankh-Morpork, in Discworld. This temple was dedicated to minor gods and was the chosen church for those who had no particular religious affiliation.


Part of the ancient city of Uruk lies here, and in particular the Anu district, including its ziggurat.

The Hanging Gardens of BabylonEdit

Uruk also happens to contain Hanging Gardens of Babylon, which has somehow managed to end up in the middle of it.

The Vatican Edit

The Vatican is a part of the city--a city within the city, in fact--that's seen a lot of use, specifically the Basilica of St. Peter. The Basilica has been fortified as something of a fortress when the ship's internal defenses can't be trusted, and has been successfully used to stave off a zombie infection. The area will likely be kept as a backup defense area even when not in current use as one, with cots in the main area, ammunitions and food caches, and barricades and shielding enclaves to fire from. Edit: Thanks to the efforts of some of the crew the Vatican has, more or less (with an emphasis on less), been restored to its original state. However, fortification still remains in some areas, and others are still significantly damaged. The artwork in some areas is destroyed completely.

Winding CircleEdit

A temple community for the Living Circle religion, Winding Circle was built into the crater of a meteorite. The entire grounds are enclosed by a twelve foot thick and twenty-foot high wall, which has a walkway on the top and towers every 100 yards along it. Inside the wall are four temples - the Water Temple in the west, the Earth Temple in the north, the Air Temple in the east, and the Fire Temple in the south. In the center of Winding Circle is the Hub, a great clock tower. Within the grounds are also a number of other, smaller buildings, including the woodshop and forges, physical training grounds, loomhouses, and Discipline Cottage.

The W.I.T.C.H. BusEdit

Though not a temple itself, this magical vehicle usually makes the Jedi Temple its home. It's easily found: it's usually blindingly pink, though it can easily alter its color. Those with magical potential can see the bus' logo on the side of the bus: the phrase "Teach 2B W.I.T.C.H." emblazoned over a silhouette of crew member Will Vandom's transformed state. Inside is a number of things, including five rooms to accomodate the five Guardians: a gymnasium for Will, a pool room for Irma, and three others, should fellow Guardians Taranee, Cornelia and Hay Lin arrive. It also makes as a makeshift home, but watch out for the bathroom - it has a habit of teleporting around the place.

The Bus also hosts a rudimentary magical class for new and old as it subscribes to the magical capacity of "Intent" rather than learned lessons and structured book-based classes. It has a high success rating, due mostly to infusions of raw magical power that can be provided from its fairly limitless magic engine, fueled on five distinct elements of Earth, Fire, Air, Water and Quintessence. People are often encouraged in their studies to utilize this power and try to come up with new and unique rooms in the bus. Various rooms crafted recently has been the Yagami home as well as the Observatory which can peer into the Bleed at low speeds, creating a sort of "night sky" effect.

Altar of the EmeraldsEdit

Many centuries ago, the Altar of the Emeralds once housed the legendary Chaos Emeralds and the controlling Master Emerald, guarded by the creature Chaos. However, an attempt to capture these Emeralds by the Knuckles Tribe forced Chaos to use these Emeralds to lash out at the echinda tribe. One of the echindas, a kind-hearted girl named Tikal, sealed herself inside the Master Emerald with Chaos to calm it and the remaining echindas remained to guard the Master Emerald.

In Sonic the Hedgehog's time, the Alter fell into disarray. However, here, it is as he once saw it during visions Tikal imparted onto the super speedster. However, only the Master Emerald is present. Are the Chaos Emeralds on board Stacy as well?

Roxie's Lair Edit

Once upon a time, this building was an alien veterinary office, but it's something very different now. The walls have been scrawled over with brightly interlocking, complex archaic glyphs and runes, and the sign outside reads "ROXIE'S: freelance monster removal & artifact creation". Some of the windows have been covered over nearly as neatly as if they'd never been there in the first place. Inside the front area (the door is almost always open) is a couch and a wraparound counter with a bell on it (the sign next to it reads "RING FOR SERVICE"). There are some weird knick-knacks, too... weapons and suits of armor hung on the walls, all very archaic, along with a number of heraldric shields and tapestries in different designs. The whole place practically stinks of supernatural energy, and to those with a sharper-than-normal sense of smell, there's a simmering acrid undercurrent that wafts around it, like raw chemicals exposed to the air. Supernatural senses will find that those strange runes on the internal and external walls are actually components of a defensive system, primed to physically assault anyone who steps too far out of line. Update (8/7/10) Roxie's Lair has been nearly picked clean. Many of the alchemical tools and artifacts have been removed, the magical defenses all deactivated and erased, and the supernatural energy dispersed. Mei-Xing raided the old place for furniture, tools, and anything that caught her eye in order to furnish her own hermetic lodge. Now it's just a vaguely creepy-looking building that gathers dust, a sad tribute to a vanished crewmember.

The Statuary Edit

This is simply a hall of statues, some of them famous Earth statues, some famous statues from alien worlds. David, The Pieta, The Iwo Jima Statue, a statue of a nuclear explosion, a statue of George Washington crossing the Delaware, a bust of Alexander the Great, a statue of Luke Skywalker, The Kiss, The Discus Thrower, Venus De Milo...they're all there. As well as a statue of Battlestar Galactica, a statue of a centaur-looking creature, with no mouth, two stalked eyes on the top of his head, and a wicked-looking bladed tail--the Andalite prince Elfangor. Elfangor's statue's placard says: 'This statue marks the spot where Elfangor-Sirinial-Shamtul gave humanity the power to resist the Yeerk Threat. May his sacrifice never be forgotten. For what avail the plough or sail, Or land or life, if freedom fail?' There are also the memorial statues of Superman and Superboy. Superboy's placard reads: 'In Memory of Superboy. For all he did in the face of an Infinite Crisis.' Every statue has a small switch at its base. Flicking them does nothing.

Statues of Liberty and Judgement (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

The Statue of Liberty stands as it always does, proud and tall. Or it would if some jackass hadn't spraypainted "TOTAL WAR" down her front. Behind her stands a much larger statue that practically dwarfs Lady Liberty. It's a man in a helmet, the Statue of Judgement. It isn't the first, rather it's the second, and so the Statue of Liberty only comes up to its knee. Inside, there is complex surveillance equipment, but it isn't hooked up to anything.

Stormwind ClothiersEdit

A brick-and-wood building found by one of the tiniest members of the crew, Reinforce Zwei, Stormwind Clothiers was a building from Azeroth's Stormwind Canal District. She utilized some of the extra space and unclaimed cloth and various sewing machines to make a tailor shop. Provided with near-to-excess levels of cloth during their arrival at Zokez by Lex Luthor on the condition that she puts him on the top of the queue for new suits, Stormwind Clothiers serves as the only real method of getting clothing aboard the ship. The proprietor serves as Internal Communications, a role shared with her elder sister, Reinforce Eins, who also doubles as both walking ad board and model.

Sun and Moon TwinsEdit

On this stretch of street there stands two buildings next to each other. Although there are some similarities in some of the architecture, there are obvious opposing factors that make this coupling of buildings odd. The building on the left is of Sin'dorei architecture. A small two floored gold and red elven house. It has a living room, a small dining room and a medium workshop on the first floor.

On the second floor there are two main rooms, one empty and one belonging to Ronnae 'Mash Belore Ryllos, and a smaller room used for bathing. The water is conjured thanks to magical runes on the bathroom wall. The house is furnished with the traditional Sin'dorei furniture and finerys. Inside and on a couple of posts outside, magical lamps light up the area in a pleasant light.

A few feet next to this building however is a more green and earthy ground, a few different colored lamps line the outside in a path to a large tree, about the same height as the building next to it. At its thick base there seems to be a medium sized stable, large enough for two creatures to live comfortably.

At the side, and at the end of the magically lit path, there's a rope ladder leading to a large tree house in the Kaldorei architecture style. It has 3 rooms, a large bedroom belonging to Nokosi Summergale that has a magical skybox that changes from different skies depicting the different Azerothian seasons. A main living room, and a small room with a simple alchemy set (mortar and pestle, burner and a box of vials). It's furnished with the usual Kaldorei furniture.

Susono InnEdit

A traditional Japanese ryokan/resort inn, complete with sliding-door rooms, a garden and koi pond, and outdoor onsen, ringed by stone steps. It's quiet, but the silence is broken every once in a while by the distinct sound of a shishi-odori. When the trees in the courtyard flower, they can be illuminated to provide a kind of ghostly beauty. Kanoe Zouichi lives in one of the rooms here. For additional information about the inn, see here.

Sydney Opera House (UNDISCOVERED)Edit

The Sydney Opera House is the famous Australian performing arts centre.

Tennyson Gas Station and Mr. SmoothieEdit

Three normal looking homes dot this row of mundane looking homes, each one of them belonging to the heroes of Ben 10. Ben's house is in the middle with Gwen's and Kevin's flanking on either side. Arranged in a ring, there is a Gas Station that stands in the middle of the half-ring. The homes themselves have no real special appearance to them save for oddly being furnished with the previous trappings, sans clothing and food stocks, especially since Ben wasn't present for the Shore Leave. However, Ben makes this his off-home, coming there and watching endless hours of Sumo Slammers on DVD. The Gas Station however is the key to his past as inside it there is an elevator that goes down into a basement which opens up to the huge complex that is the Plumbers HQ stationed out of Bellwood. It is here that Ben often reviews files, checks on various things, and sometimes re-watches the parting video that he found recorded from his timestream as a farewell video sent to him during the Ohm invasion of his reality. The only other person that Ben has actually spoke to down there was Irma Lair, during one of his early explorations of the city. A block away is the Mr. Smoothie that Team Alien Force frequents, and is where Ben likes to spend his time. Functional smoothie machines coupled with fresh fruit and other ingredients snagged from the W.I.T.C.H. Bus fuels this complex for a taste of Mr. Smoothie Goodness, complete with smile-faced cups. Supplies are limited however as all major food stores can be, especially when it is mostly just blended ice and flavoring of various kinds. Patrons should be aware that Mr. Smoothie has some rather unique blends, ranging from Mango, Apple, Kumquat, Lamb and Lentil and even Glorp.

The Tower of High SorceryEdit

The walls of the Tower of High Sorcery at Wayreth form an equilateral triangle, with the towers at each corner dedicated to each of the three moons: Solinari, Lunitari and Nuitari. The towers in the center flow into the ground, and are constructed of black glass, etched in white and red runes. In the middle of the eastern walls is a set of silver and gold gates; they appear fragile, but are actually extremely strong. All of the structures, in fact, have layers of magical protection on them that prevent damage of any sort. Inside the towers are a number of magical tomes, for each branch of wizardry, and a large collection of magical artifacts. The most powerful, and most dangerous, of those tomes and artifacts, are locked away under a multitude of high-level defensive spells.

Venjix PalaceEdit

An imposing, roving palace of machines and pollution, the Venjix Palace has been more or less decommissioned. Tenaya calls it home, and Engineering has stripped it of many of the computer parts, including old attackbot pieces. There are still some deactivated Grinders around that Tenaya mostly keeps around for spare parts, and a massive hole blown into the barrier that tried to block off the front door.

Xander's ShopEdit

(description please)

Xavier's School for Gifted YoungstersEdit

Xavier's school had the unfortunate luck to find itself located in the middle of Kokahu river. In fact, the river pretty much runs straight through it.

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